IEEE CASE Best Student Paper Award (sponsored by the academic family of Prof. Yu-Chi (Larry) Ho)

About the Award

Description: This award recognizes the best paper authored primarily by a student and presented by the student at the IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE). The award is supported by his academic family to honor Professor Yu-Chi (Larry) Ho, a Past President of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Council, which later became the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.
Established: 2007
Prize: A single award of $1,000 to the student first-author and certificates for all individual authors. In the exceptional case that two papers are deemed worthy, the student first-author of each paper will receive a $500 prize.
Funding: The award is sponsored by the academic family of Prof. Yu-Chi (Larry) Ho for a period of 5 years (2017-2021).
Eligibility: All student papers presented at the annual CASE conference are eligible. There are no restrictions as to IEEE membership, organization, nationality, race, creed, sex, or age. Eligibility and Selection process shall comply with procedures and regulation established in IEEE and Society governing documents, particularly with IEEE Policy 4.4 on Awards Limitations.
Basis for Judging: A selection committee will be appointed by the CASE Awards Committee. Papers are judged based on technical merit, originality, relevance and potential impact on the field of automation science and engineering, clarity of the written paper, and quality of the conference presentation.
Presentation: The award will be announced and presented at the same annual IEEE CASE conference.

Winners of this Award

Varun Kamat, Viraj Ramakrishnan, Yashish Mohnot, Harshika Jalan, Julia Isaac, Vincent Schorp, Yahav Avigal, Aviv Adler, Danyal Fer, and Ken Goldberg

"Automating 2D Suture Placement" 

Mahsa Khalili (Student), H.F. Machiel Van der Loos, and Jaimie Borisoff
"Designing a User-Centred and Data-Driven Controller for Pushrim-Activated Power-Assisted Wheels: A Case Study"

Yahav Avigal (Student), Jensen Gao, William Wong, Kevin Li, Grady Pierroz, Fang Shuo Deng, Mark Theis, Mark Presten, Ken Goldberg
"Simulating Polyculture Farming to Tune Automation Policies for Plant Diversity and Precision Irrigation"

Lidong Yang (Student), Li Zhang
"Large-Workspace and High-Resolution Magnetic Microrobot Navigation Using Global-Local Path Planning and Eye-In-Hand Visual Servoing"

Feifan Wang, Feng Ju, Kyle Rowe, Nils Hofmann
"Real-time control for large scale additive manufacturing using thermal images"

Hankun Zhao (Student), Andrew Cui, Schuyler Cullen, Brian Paden, Michael Laskey, Ken Goldberg
"Fluids—a First-Order Lightweight Urban Intersection Driving Simulator"

Mathias Hauan Arbo (Student), Yudha Prawira Pane, Erwin Aertbelien, Wilm Decre
"A System Architecture for Constraint-Based Robotic Assembly with CAD Information"

Anastasia Bolotnikova (Student), Kevin Chappellet, Antonio Paolillo, Adrien Escande, Gholamreza Anbarjafari, Adolfo Suarez-Roos, Patrice Rabate, Abderrahmane Kheddar
"A Circuit-Breaker Use-Case Operated by a Humanoid in Aircraft Manufacturing"

Behzad Sadrfaridpour (Student), Hamed Saeidi, Yue Wang
"An Integrated Framework for Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly in Hybrid Manufacturing Cells"

Peng Wang (Student), Xinyao Tang, Robert Gao
"Automated Performance Tracking for Heat Exchangers in HVAC"

Nicla Frigerio (Student), Andrea Matta
"Energy Saving Policies for a Machine Tool with Warm-Up, Stochastic Arrivals and Buffer Information"

Wim Devesse (Student), Marcus Ramteen, Lei Feng, Jan Wikander
"A Real-Time Optimal Control Method for Swing-Free Tower Crane Motions"

Mohammad Reza Shoaei (Student), Lei Feng, Bengt Lennartson 
"Abstractions for Nonblocking Supervisory Control of Extended Finite Automata"

Gian Antonio Susto, Alessandro Beghi, Cristina De Luca
"A Predictive Maintenance System for Silicon Epitaxial Deposition"

A. Nazeem (Student Author), S. Reveliotis
"A Practical Approach to the Design of Maximally Permissive Liveness-Enforcing Supervisors for Complex Resource Allocation Systems"

David J. Cappelleri (Student Author), Adam Halasz, Jai-Yoon Sul, Tae Kyung Kim, James Eberwine, Vijay Kumar
"Towards Fully Automated Phototransfection"

1st Place: Chiwoo Park (Student Author), Yu Ding, Eunshin Byon
"Collaborative Data Reduction for Energy Efficient Sensor Networks"

2nd Place: Vivek Nandakumar (Student Author), Mark R. Holl, Deirdre Meldrum
"A Flexible Framework for Automation of Single Cell and Cell-To-Cell Interaction Analyses"

3rd Place: Feng Duan (Student Author), Ye Zhang, Nuttapol Pongthanya, Kei Watanabe, Hiroshi Yokoi, Tamio Arai
"Analyzing Human Skill through Control Trajectories and Motion Capture Data"

T. H. Tran (Student Author), Ngai Ming Kwok, Steven Scheding, Q. P. Ha
"Dynamic Modelling of Wheel-Terrain Interaction of a UGV"

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