Thanks to the evolution of advanced techniques on computer science, different kind of biological models have been proposed for understanding better how biological systems can display complex behaviors. However, such models have been only verified through simulations; and therefore, cannot be physically confirmed restricting its real usability. In contrast; the robotic research appears as a promising advanced tool to biologist researchers for understanding with more accuracy the behavior of complex living organisms due to the possibly of physically emulating by mechanical means such behaviors. Such kind of advanced systems; therefore, can be used as testbed for the confirmation of biological models which are based on simulations. From this approach, “Bio-robotics” can be defined as a research field which involves any use of mechatronics systems to understand better complex living organisms. Thus, this TC on Bio-Robotics aims in promoting the interaction between biologists and robotics researchers for the better understanding on complex biological organisms; principally from the engineering point of view. We expect such interaction may contribute for the development of better mechatronic systems with improved characteristics that can only be conceived from a multidisciplinary approach.batbot1



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