Chapter Event Highlight- Webinar on Cyber System Security


A webinar was held on 10 May 2020 focused on Cyber System Security


Sponsor of Organization: IEEE Robotics and Automation Society PSIT

Speaker Name: Prof. Sandeep Shukla

The topic of the webinar was “Cyber system security” and the purpose  was to analyze the various threats to our cyber system and to discuss the ways of protecting our systems from various security threats. On May 10, Prof. Sandeep Shukla led a discussion with numerous participants on this important topic.

The speaker started sharing the slides and started the webinar by defining the complex networks and how computers are connected for sharing data. He further discussed the issue on digital transformation, Industrial and critical system. He discussed about the operational technology graph on SANS 2019 state of OT  ,a graph on OT attack trends for the year 2019.Discussed on various actors involved in OT

He discussed various cyber attacks on Ukraine, India and Saudi Aramco. He also discussed on Covid Lock ransom ware which exploits malicious android applications, Generic model of cyber physical system and cyber vulnerabilities

The webinar was informative and information was also given on ways to protect our system and the use of graphs in the slides helped in better understanding of the topic

The webinar was attended by 350+ participants from 9 different regions which includes students, delegates and working professionals. Towards the end of the session Suraj Jaiswal asked the students to clear their doubts.

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