Chapter Events Highlight- Webinar introduction to IoT and Smart Robotics  

IoT 2


A webinar was held on 2 May 2020 on Introduction to IoT and Smart Robotics


Sponsoring Organization: IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Student Branch Chapter Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, India

Speaker’s Name: Mr. Suraj Jaiswal (Chair of IEEE RAS-PSIT)


Event Summary

The purpose of “Introduction to IoT and Smart Robotics” was to engage the community to get aware of this trending technology and get a motivation to start their journey in this field as this technology is used to develop Industry 4.0 solutions. On 2 May 2020 , Mr. Suraj Jaiswal (Chair of IEEE RAS-PSIT), IoT and Robotics enthusiast, led a discussion with numerous participants on this interesting topic.

Speaker describes the Internet of Things(IoT) as the network of physical objects, consists of sensors/devices which work through cloud connectivity. Further, he tells about the smart robotics where robots can collaborate with humans, working along-side them and learning from their behavior. He describes the working of these things in detail.

He also discussed Industry 4.0, defined as “the intelligent networking of machines and processes in industry with the aid of information and communication technology”. This industrial revolution is shaped by physical and digital trends. He outlined various applications of IoT and Smart Robotics and how they can be useful in future. The increasing networking of people and machines with the internet is leading to the enhancement of new business models.

At last, there was a doubt clearing session in which the attendees asked their queries. The event was a success. Overall, the feedback, received was overwhelmingly positive.

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