IEEE RAS South Brazil Chapter hosts webinar- What`s next in Agricultural Robotics?

4 Nov 4th 2020 16h UTC-3 (Brazil Time)

Agriculture is undoubtedly a key topic for humankind's future. We are living in a world where the population is increasing fast and we need to deal with climate change and environmental issues. In this complex scenario, robotics can play a decisive role in increasing farm production and reducing costs. The challenges faced in this field are not easy. The development of autonomous robots for agriculture has proved to be complex and time-consuming. Aerial and terrestrial robots have to deal with temperature, brightness, and humidity changes. The presence of unknown obstacles is also hard and increases the robot’s perception and processing system requirements and costs. For this webinar, IEEE RAS South Brazil Chapter invited 4 researchers to share with us his experiences and views of
the robotics future in agriculture. We hope that their opinions and views can inspire other researchers to join us in this challenge!

Marcelo Becker - USP - Brazil (moderator)
José Paulo Molin - USP - Brazil - Precision Agriculture
Girish Chowdhary - UIUC - USA - Robotics
Olivier Ly - Bordeaux University - Robotics
Hugo Gimbert - Bordeaux University - Robotics


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