RAS Student Chapter Round-Table Report

São Carlos School of Engineering (EESC-USP)

The recently-founded Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Chapter from São Carlos School of Engineering, University of São Paulo (EESC-USP), Brazil, organized a round-table on 7 November 2019. The event, designated as “Automation and Labor Market: the engineer’s profile for the upcoming industry”, took place at São Carlos School of Engineering, in one of the Electrical Engineering Department buildings, from 7pm till 9pm. It was the first RAS Chapter event aimed to the campus’ undergraduate and graduate students. The event was focused on discussing what are the key characteristics of an engineering professional in Brazil nowadays and what the labor market expects from them. To improve the discussion, four engineers from different backgrounds playing very distinct roles professionally were invited. They were:

● Mr. João Soares, a former student from EESC-USP, who works in the Human Resources Technology company Kenoby;

● Prof. Dr. Bidinotto, current Professor at EESC-USP and former Flight Test Engineer at largest Brazilian aircraft company EMBRAER S.A.;

● Mr. Rovilson, electrical engineer working with automation at one of Grob Group’s subsidiaries in Brazil;

● Mr. Polegato, a PhD candidate at EESC-USP, with past experience in the field of agricultural robots at Naïo Technologies, in France, and also a RAS Member.


Around thirty people attended the event. One of our RAS Members, Mr. Noppeney, lead the discussion, in order to cover a regular amount of topics and to restrain the discussions within the preset timespan. This way, the event could be more dynamic and encourage the public to engage in the discussion regarding the topic with which they felt more comfortable. At the end, there were beverages and snacks, so the participants could have one more chance to engage in discussions with the invited engineers or with each other.

Among the feedback surveys distributed at the end of the event, 18 were completed accordingly. The feedback was strictly positive, with a few remarks regarding room temperature, event location and time for discussion. The event was the first initiative of the EESC-USP RAS Chapter towards the campus’ community and was considered a success by its members and the participants of the event. 


round table pic 1

Participants during the event. Besides the RAS Chapter participants, around 20 people outside the Chapter were also present.


round table pic 2

(Right to left) Mr. Noppeney, the discussion host, RAS Member; Mr. Polegato; Prof. Dr. Bidinoto; Mr. Rovilson; and Mr. João Soares.


round table pic 3

(Right to left) Mr. Noppeney, the discussion host, RAS Member; Mr. Polegato; Prof. Dr. Bidinoto; Mr. Rovilson; Mr. João Soares; Mr. Lahr, EESC-USP RAS Chair.

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