The Technical Committee for Cognitive Robotics has 255 members, some of which are listed below.

Members must give their explicit permission to be included in the list. If any member wishes to edit their information or wishes to be added or removed from the list, please contact the co-chairs of the Technical Committee (click the CONTACT item on the menu bar) or send an email to

Eren Erdal Aksoy, Halmstad University, Sweden; (member since June 2017)
Rachid Alami, LAAS-CNRS, France; (founding member)
Amir Aly, University of Plymouth, UK; (member since May 2015)
Yiannis Aloimonos, University of Maryland, USA; (founding member)
Narmada Ambigapathy, Osaka University, Japan; (member since November 2019)
Mihai Andries, Pierre and Marie Curie University, France; (member since May 2016)
Minoru Asada, International Professional University of Technology in Osaka, Japan; (founding member)
Tamim Asfour, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany; (founding member)
Hrishav Bakul Barua, TCS Research, India; (member since January 2022)
Michael Beetz, University of Bremen, Germany; (founding member)
Giulia Belgiovine, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy; (member since 2023)
Nicola Bellotto, University of Lincoln, UK; (member since October 2020)
Gloria Beraldo, National Research Council, Italy; (member since December 2022)
Letícia Mara Berto, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brasil (member since 2023)
Ajaz Bhat, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei; (member since August 2018)
Mehul Bhatt, Örebro University, Sweden;  (member since January 2017)
Syed Tanweer Shah Bukhari, COMSATS University Islamabad, University of South Asia, Pakistan; (member since February 2018)
Angelo Cangelosi, University of Manchester, UK; (founding member)
Filippo Cantucci, National Research Council of Italy; (member since January 2021)
Joseph Campbell, Carnegie Mellon University, USA; (member since November 2022)
Laurene Carminatti, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia; (member since December 2022)
Yuchou Chang, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA; (member since September 2020)
Raja Chatila, ISIR - Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics, Sorbonne University, France; (founding member)
Munesh Chauhan, University of Tyumen, Russia; (member since July 2020)
Ricardo Omar Chavez-Garcia, The Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research, Switzerland; (member since May 2016)
Dimitrios Chrysostomou, Aalborg University, Denmark; (member since August 2017)
Silvia Cîrcu, Laboratoire INREV, Paris 8 University, France; (member since May 2020)
Francisco Cruz, UNSW Sydney, Australia; (member since November 2022)
Giovanni De Gasperis,Università degli Studi dell'Aquila; (member since December 2022)
Yiannis Demiris, Imperial College London, UK; (founding member)
Claude Dinsmoor, FANUC America Corporation, USA; (member since February 2021)
Richard J. Duro, Universidade da Coruna, Spain; (member since January 2016)
Marco Gabriele Fedozzi, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, (member since December 2022)
François Ferland, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada; (member since May 2019)
João Filipe Ferreira, University of Coimbra, Portugal; (member since October 2015)
Francesco Ferro, PAL Robotics, Spain; (member since October 2018)
Tobias Fischer, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; (member since December 2022)
Jonathan Francis, Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, USA; (member since December 2022)
John Fridley, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA; (member since October 2020)
Wai Keung Fung, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK; (member since March 2020)
Maani Ghaffari, University of Michigan, USA; (member since October 2019)
Sandip Gharage, OMRON Automation, India; (member since September 2021)
Federico Gheza, University of Brescia, Italy; (member since January 2021)
Orhan Can Görür, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany; (member since September 2016)
Maria Gini, University of Minnesota, USA; (member since April 2015)
Paolo Gonçalves, Instituto Politecnico de Castelo Branco, Portugal; (member since October 2019)
Antonio Greco, University of Salerno, Italy; (member since March 2021)
Ben Greenberg, Southwest Research Institute, USA; (member since February 2021)
Sascha Griffiths, Ortelio Ltd., UK; (member since January 2016)
Owais Hamid, University of Waterloo, Canada; (member since June 2020)
Zhao Han, Colorado School of Mines, USA; (member since December 2021)
Mary He, Cranfield University, UK; (member since June 2020)
Maria Hedblom, University of Bremen, Germany; (member since July 2021)
Paul Hemeren, University of Skövde, Sweden; (member since October 2014)
Koen Hindriks, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands; (member since January 2017)
Nick Hockings, University of Bath, UK; (member since June 2016)
Nico Hochgeschwender, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University, Germany; (member since November 2022)
Matej Hoffman, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic; (member since August 2018)
Tetsunari Inamura, National Institute of Informatics, Japan; (founding member)
Hiroshi Ishiguro, Osaka University, Japan; (founding member)
Serena Ivaldi, INRIA, France; (member since February 2015)
Lorenzo Jamone, Queen Mary University of London, UK; (member since July 2015)
Wonse Jo, Purdue University, USA; (member since September 2021)
Chanyoung Ju, Chonnam National University, Korea; (member since November 2022)
Victor Sillerico-Justo, São Paulo State University, Brazil; (member since March 2020)
Ed Katz, Stanford University, USA; (member since March 2021)
Kento Kawaharazuka, The University of Tokyo, Japan; (member since December 2022)
Alfie Keary, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland; (member since February 2022)
Mehdi Khamassi, CNRS / Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France; (member since August 2015)
Nicholas H. Kirk, Technical University of Munich, Germany; (member since June 2015)
Tony K P, Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology; India; (member since June 2020)
Jeff Krichmar, University of California, Irvine, USA; (founding member)
Volker Krueger, Lund University, Sweden; (member since May 2020)
Tomasz Kucner, Örebro University, Sweden; (member since May 2017)
Suresh Kumaar, University of Michigan, USA; (member since March 2021)
Yasuo Kuniyoshi, University of Tokyo, Japan; (founding member)
Marta Lagormasino, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy; (member since 2023)
Linda Lastrico, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Italy; (member since May 2023)
Daniel Leidner, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany; (member since April 2017)
Séverin Lemaignan, PAL Robotics, Spain; (member since December 2022)
Wei Li, University of Texas at Dallas, USA; (member since December 2021)
Antonio Lieto, University of Turin and ICAR-CNR, Italy; (member since October 2015)
Huaping Liu, Tsinghua University, China; (member since March 2016)
Rui Liu, Kent State University, USA; (member since February 2021)
Ting Liu, Siena College, USA; (member since November 2022)
Matin Macktoobian, University of Alberta, Canada; (member since November 2021)
Jacek Malec, Lund University, Sweden; (member since November 2016)
Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, University of Genoa, Italy; (member since September 2015)
Alex Mitrevski, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany; (member since October 2020)
Riccardo Muradore, University of Verona, Italy; (member since May 2021)
Shingo Murata, Keio University, Japan; (member since December 2022)
Yukie Nagai, The University of Tokyo, Japan; (founding member)
Nicolás Navarro-Guerrero, Aarhus University, Denmark; (member since June 2016) 
Lorenzo Natale, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy; (member since March 2016)
Trung Dung Ngo, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada; (member since November 2015) 
Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, University of Waterloo, UK; (member since 2023)
Dimitri Ognibene, Università Milano Bicocca, Italy; (member since September 2019)
Jean Oh, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA; (member since April 2017)
Andrea Orlandini, National Research Council of Italy; (member since December 2022)
Padmakar Pandey, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allhabad, India; (member since May 2015)
Matteo Pantano, Siemens AG, Germany; since October 2020)
Katerina Pastra, ATHENA Research Centre, Greece; (member since November 2014)
Jayam Patel, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Montreal, Canada; (member since June 2021)
Roel Pieters, Tampere University of Technology, Finland; (member since August 2016)
Klaus Raizer, Ericsson Research, Indaiatuba; (member since November 2016)
Karinne Ramirez-Amaro, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden; (member since July 2021)
Nadia Rasheed, The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur, Pakistan; (member since July 2018)
Revathy Ravuri, University of Manchester, UK; (member since August 2021)
Ely Repiso Polo, LAAS/CNRS, France; (member since December 2022)
Helge Ritter, Bielefeld University, Germany; (founding member)
Florian Röhrbein, V-R-Robotics, Germany; (member since May 2015)
Alessandra Rossi, University of Naples Federico II, Italy; (member since May 2021)
Silvia Rossi, University of Naples Federico II, Italy; (member since December 2022)
Alessandro Saffiotti, Örebro University, Sweden; (founding member)
Alessia Saggese, University of Salerno, Italy; (member since December 2020)
Giulio Sandini, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy.; (founding member)
José Santos-Victor, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal; (founding member)
Ricardo Sanz, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain; (member since October 2016)
Chayan Sarkar, TCS Research & Innovation, India; (member since January 2020)
Brian Scassellati, Yale University, USA; (founding member)
Matthias Scheutz, Tufts University, USA; (founding member)
Alessandra Sciutti, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy; (member since July 2018)
Yang Shen, UBTECH North America Research and Development Center, USA; (member since June 2020)
Mohammad Shidujaman, Tsinghua University, China; (member since October 2017)
Shingo Shimoda, Riken Brain Science Institute, Japan; (founding member)
Alexandre da Silva Simões, Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho", Brazil; (member since April 2015)
Mariacarla Staffa, University of Naples Federico II, Italy; (member since September 2019)
Gerald Steinbauer, Graz University of Technology, Austria; (member since March 2015)
Freek Stulp, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany; (member since April 2016)
Jörn Syrbe, University of Bremen, Germany; (member since November 2022)
Ana Tanevska, Uppsala University; (member since January 2021)
Jun Tani, KAIST, South Korea; (founding member)
Tadahiro Taniguchi, Ritsumeikan University, Japan; (member since December 2016)
Walter Teixeira Lima Junior, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brasil; (member since 2023)
Serge Thill, Radboud University, The Netherlands; (member since October 2014)
Carme Torras, Institute de Robotica i Informatica Industrial, Spain; (founding member)
Gyanendra Nath Tripathi, Hitachi Research Lab, Japan; (member since January 2021)
Tadele Belay Tuli, Universität Siegen, Germany; (member since September 2021)
Alessandro Umbrico, National Research Council, Italy; (member since 2023)
David Vernon, Carnegie Mellon University Africa; (founding member)
Markus Vincze, Wien Technical Univesity, Austria; (founding member)
Ning Wang, Dalian Maritime University, China; (member since October 2021)
Daniel Watzenig, Graz University of Technology; Austria; (member since March 2021)
Treylon Wofford, University of Advancing Technology, USA; (member since March 2021)
Florentin Wörgötter, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany; (founding member)
Yan Wu, A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore; (member since October 2021)
Agnieszka Wykowska, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy; (member since June 2021)
Eichi Yoshida, AIST, Japan; (founding member)
Fangwen Yu, Tsinghua University, China; (member since May 2018)
Osaid Zahid, Pakistan; (member since September 2019)
Zhenjie Zhao, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China; (member since October 2021)


The Technical Committee for Cognitive Robotics has 255 members, some of which are listed above.

The numbers of members in the past years are the following:

                • 2014: 68;
                • 2015: 99;
                • 2016:132;
                • 2017:152;
                • 2018:171;
                • 2019: 182;
                • 2020: 200;
                • 2021: 227;
                • 2022: 249;
Members must give their explicit permission to be included in the list. If any member wishes to edit their information or wishes to be added or removed from the list, please contact the co-chairs of the Technical Committee (click the CONTACT item on the menu bar) or send an email to