CBS 2017- IEEE International Conference on Cyborgs & Bionic Systems

From 17 Oct, 2017 until 19 Oct, 2017
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2017 IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems (CBS 2017) will be convened from October 17-19, 2017 at Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China. The main purpose of this conference is to discuss frontier research and realistic application on cyborg and bionic systems, which are concerned with hybrid fusion of organic and biomechatronic body parts with the integration of some artificial components or technology like bio-hybrid actuators and sensors. One of the primary goal is to make an organism restored or enhanced beyond its original biological characteristics. In particular, the cyborg and bionic systems is a promising research direction to meet the requirements for better life of human beings, such as regeneration medicine, neuro-control, and rescue relief. With rapid development of bionic technology and nanotechnology, we think that a cyborg and bionic system can assist human to conquer many limitations such as disease, speed, strength, as well as intelligence.

Important Dates

15 June 2017- Full paper submission
1 July 2017- Organized session proposal
1 August 2017- Organized session decision
1 August 2017- Paper acceptance decision
1 September 2017- Final paper due

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