CACRE 2020

From 18 Sep, 2020 16:49 until 20 Sep, 2020

*CACRE 2020 has gone virtual*


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to invite you to attend the 5th International Conference on Automation, Control and Robotics Engineering (CACRE 2020), which is in conjunction with the 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics ( ICAIR 2020), co-organized by Dalian Maritime University and Hong Kong Society of Mechanical Engineers(HKSME), sponsored by Georgia Institute of Technology and Sichuan University, technical sponsored by Fudan University. The conference will be held at Dalian, China from 16-18 July 2020 18-20 September 2020. The CACRE has been held for four years since 2016, attracting scholars and students from all over the world. The CACRE 2020 Conference will provide a wonderful forum for you to update your knowledge base and explore the innovations in Automation, Control and Robotics Engineering. The conference will strive to offer you plenty of networking opportunities to meet and interact with the leading scientists, engineers and researchers, friends and colleagues as well as sponsors and exhibitors. We hope you will join us for the festival of outstanding science and technology, and also take some time to enjoy the spectacular and unique beauty of surrounding regions in Dalian.

CACRE 2020 Conference Committee

Call for Papers Deadline: 30 July 2020


Technical co-Sponsorship by IEEE RAS