RAS SIGHT Pan-African Competition

On 31 Aug, 2020

The 2020 Pan-African competition in low-cost technologies will serve to identify and develop next generation of young scientists, leaders, and entrepreneurs in Africa. It is open to all countries of Africa.


  • Design and fabricate a proof-of-concept low cost instruments using a microcontroller in these themes:
    1. COVID-19 or malaria-related innovation
    2. Robotics and/or automation in the fields of agricultural, energy, or medical use
    3. Entrepreneurship in upcycling of computer hard drives into centrifuges for field diagnostics
  • Develop technical and entrepreneurial innovation capacities of young scientists in African countries.

How to participate?

Write a proposal describing your instrument, the steps already undertaken towards it, and the steps still necessary to finalize it, in a document of three pages maximum (single space, min 11 pt font)
Proposals should be submitted in English with a (Google Translate) French translation, or vice versa
Medical equipment proposals should outline tests needed to certify, but not expected to be carried out
Send your proposal to these email addresses before midnight 31 August, 2020:
africalowcostcompetition@qmul.ac.uk and jzoueu@gmail.com

Selection of good proposals

An international jury made of experts in the field of applied physics and engineering will select 6 projects (2 in each of the 3 themes) taking into account the following criteria:
Degree of innovation, ability to creatively solve a pressing problem
Feasibility to create a low-cost proof-of-concept in 3 months, potential for future manufacturing
Commercial opportunity of the instrument (the number of people who will potentially buy and use the instrument, its low cost/affordability during fabrication and when in the market).


For more information- https://afsinnet.net/pan-african-competition-in-low-cost-instruments-and-entrepreneurship-for-development/

This is an event co-sponsored by RAS SIGHT.

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