WRC 2016- World Robot Conference

From 21 Oct, 2016 until 25 Oct, 2016

At Beijing International Convention Center

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The 2016 World Robot Conference's focus will be on the technological devleopmnet and industrial application of intelligent robots. To devleop high-level academic exchanges and to demonstrate the latest achievements with regard to world robot study, its applications in key areas, as well as the innovative development of smart society. To build an international cooperative and innovative platform, and to convene domestic experts and internatiional cooperative and innovative platfor, and to convene domestic experts and international counterparts to discuss the development and innovation trend of robots. To understand the direction of robot industry development and to explore the profound influences that will be brought by robot revolution in future society.

2016 World Robot Conference will consist of 2016 World Robot Forum, 2016 World Robot Exhibition and 2016 World Robot Contest. The conference forum will be composed of the main forum that lasts for two days and seminars. By that time, the organizing committee will invite global robot experts, entreprenuers and representatives of international organizations. They will present keynote speeches about robot’s frontier scientific researches, technology development routes, and development strategy studies. The exhibition will last for five days at an area of 40,000 square meters. It is estimated to hold 100,000 person-time visitors.

Over 200 famous scientific research institutions and enterprises from the Germany, USA, Korea? Japan, Canada, France?and Israel will collectively display innovative achievements of industrial robots, specialized robots, and services robots, and they will also present future development trends as well as industry and market dynamics. The contest will be made up of Self-driving Car Challenge Contest, World Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Challenge, International Water Robot Contest, Robot Star Challenge and RoboCup Challenge, etc. It will provide robot lovers with a demonstration platform and increase public participation in robot industry.

Topics of Interest:
-Image Processing
-Medical Imaging
-Computer Vision
-Machine Learning
-Biomedical Fields
-Pattern Recognition

For more information, go to: http://www.worldrobotconference.com/en/Home/

Technical co-Sponsorship by IEEE RAS.