IROS Keywords


Category    Keyword
CM Force Control
Humanoid and Bipedal Locomotion
Path Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots or Agents
Software, Middleware and Programming Environments

Whole-Body Motion Planning and Control

DM Collision Avoidance
Computational Geometry
Factory Automation
Formal Methods in Robotics and Automation
Foundations of Automation
Manipulation Planning
Motion and Path Planning

Reactive and Sensor-Based Planning

DW Environment Monitoring and Management
Multi-Modal Perception
Perception-Action Coupling
Range Sensing
Sensor Fusion
Surveillance Systems
Visual-Based Navigation
Wheeled Robots
FA Automation at Micro-Nano Scales
Biologically-Inspired Robots


FS AI-Based Methods
Big Data in Robotics and Automation
Failure Detection and Recovery
Learning from Demonstration
Model Learning for Control
Simulation and Animation

Transfer Learning

GA Deep Learning in Grasping and Manipulation
Imitation Learning
Object Detection, Segmentation and Categorization
RGB-D Perception
Sensorimotor Learning
Visual Learning
Visual Tracking

HG Human and Humanoid Motion Analysis and Synthesis
Micro/Nano Robots
Prosthetics and Exoskeletons
Surgical Robotics: Steerable Catheters/Needles

Virtual Reality and Interfaces

HM Haptics and Haptic Interfaces

Perception for Grasping and Manipulation

IR Computer Vision for Other Robotic Applications
Gesture, Posture and Facial Expressions
Marine Robotics

Space Robotics and Automation

JM Autonomous Vehicle Navigation
Agricultural Automation
Demining Systems
Field Robots
Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry
Robotics in Hazardous Fields
Service Robots
Mining Robotics

KA Medical Robots and Systems
Modeling, Control, and Learning for Soft Robots
Soft Robot Applications
Soft Robot Materials and Design
Soft Sensors and Actuators

Surgical Robotics: Laparoscopy

KK Flexible Robots
Robot Safety

Social Human-Robot Interaction

KM Optimization and Optimal Control
Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking

Physically Assistive Devices

LS Cellular and Modular Robots
Control Architectures and Programming
Cooperating Robots
Distributed Robot Systems
Multi-Robot Systems
Networked Robots
Sensor Networks

LZ Compliance and Impedance Control
Domestic Robots
Force and Tactile Sensing
Telerobotics and Teleoperation

MH Behaviour-Based Systems
Brain-Machine Interface
Learning Categories and Concepts
Passive Walking
Rehabilitation Robotics

Sensorimotor Learning

PF Dual Arm Manipulation
Humanoid Robot Systems
Human Factors and Human-in-the-Loop
Mobile Manipulation
Physical Human-Robot Interaction


Additive Manufacturing
Building Automation
Discrete Event Dynamic Automation Systems
Energy and Environment-Aware Automation
Hybrid Logical/Dynamical Planning and Verification
Intelligent and Flexible Manufacturing
Neural and Fuzzy Control
Petri Nets for Automation Control
Planning, Scheduling and Coordination
Process Control
Product Design, Development and Prototyping
Semiconductor Manufacturing

Sustainable Production and Service Automation

PT Computer Vision for Automation
Computer Vision for Manufacturing
Computer Vision for Medical Robotics
Computer Vision for Transportation
Omnidirectional Vision
Visual Servoing

RB Cognitive Control Architectures
Novel Deep Learning Methods
Reinforecment Learning

Representation Learning

RG Contact Modeling
Grippers and Other End-Effectors
Natural Machine Motion
Underactuated Robots

Wearable Robots

RM Modeling and Simulating Humans
Multi-Contact Whole-Body Motion Planning and Control
Multi-legged Robots
Multifingered Hands
Nonholonomic Mechanisms and Systems
Nonholonomic Motion Planning
Parallel Robots
Search and Rescue Robots

Task Planning



SM Legged Robots
Mechanism Design

Robotics in Construction

SS Aerial Systems: Applications
Aerial Systems: Mechanics and Control
Aerial Systems: Perception and Autonomy

Semantic Scene Understanding

SW Mapping


TO  Agent-Based Systems
Autonomous Agents
Deep Learning for Visual Perception
Education Robotics
Entertainment Robotics

Robot Audition

WC Automation in Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Health Care
Biological Cell Manipulation
Health Care Management
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Motion Control
Redundant Robots
Robust/Adaptive Control of Robotic Systems

Surgical Robotics: Planning

YH Actuation and Joint Mechanisms
Body Balancing
Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction
Ethics and Philosophy
Human Performance Augmentation
Human-Centered Automation
Human-Centered Robotics
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Actuators

Sensor-based Control

YS Assembly
Automation Technologies for Smart Cities
Calibration and Identification
Compliant Assembly
Dexterous Manipulation
In-Hand Manipulation
Industrial Robots
Inventory Management
Manufacturing, Maintenance and Supply Chains
Probability and Statistical Methods
Service Robotics

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