ICRA Keywords

Keywords for ICRA are listed below, first in alphabetical order and then by RAS Subject Area. Note that the ICRA keywords match the keywords for the Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) journal, to facilitate the ICRA option for RA-L.

In alphabetical order:
Additive Manufacturing
Aerial Robotics
Agent-Based Systems
Agricultural Automation
AI Reasoning Methods
Automation at Micro-Nano Scales
Automation in Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Health Care
Automation Technologies for Smart Cities
Autonomous Agents
Autonomous Vehicle Navigation
Behaviour-Based Systems
Biological Cell Manipulation
Biologically-Inspired Robots
Brain Machine Interface
Building Automation
Calibration and Identification
Cellular and Modular Robots
Climbing robots
Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction
Collision Avoidance
Compliance and Impedance Control
Compliant Assembly
Compliant Joint/Mechanism
Computational Geometry
Computer Vision for Automation
Computer Vision for Manufacturing
Computer Vision for Medical Robotics
Computer Vision for Other Robotic Applications
Computer Vision for Transportation
Contact Modelling
Control Architectures and Programming
Cooperative Manipulators
Demining Systems
Dexterous Manipulation
Direct/Inverse Dynamics Formulation
Discrete Event Dynamic Automation Systems
Distributed Robot Systems
Domestic Robots
Dual Arm Manipulation
Education Robotics
Energy and Environment-aware Automation
Factory Automation
Failure Detection and Recovery
Field Robots
Flexible robots
Force and Tactile Sensing
Force Control
Formal Methods for Robotics
Foundations of Automation
Gesture, Posture and Facial Expressions
Grippers and Other End-Effectors
Haptics and Haptic Interfaces
Health Care Management
Human Detection & Tracking
Human Factors and Human-in-the-Loop
Human Performance Augmentation
Human-Centered Automation
Humanoid and Bipedal Locomotion
Humanoid Robots
Hybrid Logical/Dynamical Planning and Verification
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Actuators
Industrial Robots
Intelligent and Flexible Manufacturing
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Inventory management
Learning and Adaptive Systems
Manipulation Planning
Manufacturing, Maintenance and Supply Chains
Marine Robotics
Mechanism Design of Manipulators
Mechanism Design of Mobile Robots
Medical Robots and Systems
Micro/Nano Robots
Mining Robotics
Mobile Manipulation
Motion and Path Planning
Motion Control of Manipulators
Multifingered Hands
Multilegged Robots
Networked Robots
Nonholonomic Mechanisms and Systems
Nonholonomic Motion Planning
Novel Actuators for Natural Machine Motion
Object detection, segmentation, categorization
Omnidirectional Vision
Optimization and Optimal Control
Parallel Robots
Passive Walking
Path Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots or Agents
Petri Nets for Automation Control
Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Physically Assistive Devices
Planning, Scheduling and Coordination
Probability and Statistical Methods
Process Control
Product Design, Development and Prototyping
Prosthetics and Exoskeletons
Range Sensing
Reactive and Sensor-Based Planning
Redundant Robots
Rehabilitation Robotics
RGB-D Perception
Robot Companions
Robot Safety
Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry
Robotics in Construction
Robotics in Hazardous Fields
Robust/Adaptive Control of Robotic Systems
Search and Rescue Robots
Semantic Scene Understanding
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Sensor-based Control
Sensor Fusion
Sensor Networks
Service Robots
Simulation and Animation
Social Human-Robot Interaction
Soft Material Robotics
Software, Middleware and Programming Environments
Space Robotics
Surgical Robotics: Laparoscopy
Surgical Robotics: Planning
Surgical Robotics: Steerable Catheters/Needles
Surveillance Systems
Sustainable Production and Service Automation
Telerobotics and Teleoperation
Tendon/Wire Mechanism
Underactuated Robots
Virtual Reality and Interfaces
Visual Learning
Visual Servoing
Visual Tracking
Visual-Based Navigation
Wheeled Robots

By subject area:
(Note: Subject areas are provided for convenience; they are not strict definitions and do not necessarily correspond to specific Editors.)


    Agricultural AutomationAutomation in Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Health CareAutomation Technologies for Smart CitiesBrain Machine InterfaceBuilding AutomationEducation RoboticsEnergy and Environment-aware AutomationHuman-Centered AutomationIndustrial RobotsIntelligent Transportation SystemsNeuroroboticsProduct Design, Development and PrototypingRobotics in Agriculture and ForestryRobotics in ConstructionRobotics in Hazardous FieldsSearch and Rescue RobotsSurveillance Systems

 Autonomy for Mobility and Manipulation

    Autonomous AgentsAgent-Based SystemsAI Reasoning MethodsBehaviour-Based SystemsControl Architectures and ProgrammingHuman detection & trackingMobile ManipulationObject detection, segmentation, categorizationSoftware, Middleware and Programming EnvironmentsReactive and Sensor-Based PlanningSemantic Scene Understanding

 Cognitive Robotics

    Cognitive Human-Robot InteractionGesture, Posture and Facial ExpressionsLearning and Adaptive SystemsRobot CompanionsSocial Human-Robot Interaction

Field Robotics

    Aerial RoboticsDemining SystemsField RobotsMarine RoboticsMining RoboticsSpace Robotics

Human-Centered Robotics and Automation

    Haptics and Haptic InterfacesHuman Factors and Human-in-the-LoopHuman Performance AugmentationPhysical Human-Robot InteractionPhysically Assistive DevicesTelerobotics and TeleoperationVirtual Reality and Interfaces

Humanoids and Animaloids

    Climbing robotsCompliant Joint/MechanismHumanoid and Bipedal LocomotionHumanoid RobotsMultilegged RobotsNovel Actuators for Natural Machine MotionPassive Walking

Localization and Mapping

    LocalizationMappingRange SensingSLAM


    Discrete Event Dynamic Automation SystemsFactory AutomationFoundations of AutomationHealth Care ManagementIntelligent and Flexible ManufacturingInventory managementLogisticsManufacturing, Maintenance and Supply ChainsPetri Nets for Automation ControlPlanning, Scheduling and CoordinationSustainable Production and Service Automation

Manipulation and Grasping

    Contact ModellingDexterous ManipulationGraspingGrippers and Other End-EffectorsManipulation PlanningMultifingered Hands 

Manufacturing, process, and service automation

      AssemblyAutonomous Vehicle NavigationCompliant AssemblyDomestic Robots
Dual Arm Manipulation
    Force and Tactile SensingProcess ControlService Robots

Mechanisms, Design, and Control

      Compliance and Impedance Control
Failure Detection and Recovery
    Force ControlHydraulic/Pneumatic ActuatorsMechanism Design of ManipulatorsMechanism Design of Mobile RobotsMotion Control of ManipulatorsRedundant RobotsRobot SafetyRobust/Adaptive Control of Robotic SystemsTendon/Wire Mechanism

Medical and Rehabilitation

    Medical Robots and SystemsRehabilitation RoboticsProsthetics and ExoskeletonsSurgical Robotics: LaparoscopySurgical Robotics: Steerable Catheters/NeedlesSurgical Robotics: Planning

Micro, Nano, and Biomimetic Systems

    Additive ManufacturingAutomation at Micro-Nano ScalesBiological Cell ManipulationBiologically-Inspired RobotsBiomimeticsMicro/Nano RobotsNanomanufacturingSemiconductor ManufacturingSoft Material Robotics

Multiple and Distributed Systems

    Cellular and Modular RobotsCooperative ManipulatorsDistributed Robot SystemsNetworked RobotsPath Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots or AgentsSensor NetworksSwarms

Planning and Simulation

    Collision AvoidanceComputational GeometryMotion and Path PlanningSimulation and Animation

Theoretical Foundations

    Calibration and IdentificationDirect/Inverse Dynamics FormulationFlexible robotsFormal Methods for RoboticsHybrid Logical/Dynamical Planning and VerificationKinematicsNonholonomic Mechanisms and SystemsNonholonomic Motion PlanningOptimization and Optimal ControlParallel RobotsProbability and Statistical MethodsUnderactuated RobotsWheeled Robots

Vision and Sensor-Based Control

      Computer Vision for Medical RoboticsComputer Vision for Other Robotic Applications
Omnidirectional Vision
      Sensor-based Control
Sensor FusionVisual-Based Navigation
      Visual Servoing
Visual Tracking

Visual Perception and Learning

    Computer Vision for AutomationComputer Vision for ManufacturingComputer Vision for TransportationRecognitionRGB-D PerceptionVisual Learning

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