Guidelines for submitting, presenting, & preparing ICRA proposals

It is the goal to make this process transparent and fair for all teams submitting a proposal for hosting an edition of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. Below, please find additional information for each of the three steps.

Step 1. Guidelines for Submitting the Pre-proposal

The presentation of the pre-proposal is limited to a total of 20 slides and can be submitted through this form by August 1 of each year. The slides should provide information about the following items:

  1. Location and venue
    • Include venue floor plans and capacity charts for meeting space. 
    • Flexibility of venue, space, set up
    • Ability to host more than 5,000 participants
    • Internet connection details 
  2. Conference dates
    • Include primary and secondary date options
  3. Core organizing committee members
    • Only list the core team members that actively help preparing the proposal.
    • Maximum: ten organizing committee team members during the entire proposal phase. To provide one concrete example, you could consider the following members of your team:
      • General Chair, General Co-chair,
      • Program Chair, Program Co-chair,
      • Finance Chair,
      • Local Arrangement Chair, and
      • four more key members of your team.
    • Please do NOT recruit more than ten team members. Once your team wins the bid, you can (and will have to) recruit more team members to build your full team (in most cases: 30-50 volunteers).
    • Build your core team considering the following representation:  
      • Diversity including geographical, industry and academia, age, and gender. This is a key requirement that should be reflected in all aspects of the program and the organization.  
      • Active RAS members  
      • IEEE RAS conference and/or workshop experience
  4. Professional conference organizer (PCO)
    • Include brief summary about PCO and services they will provide
    • Include information about the management of paper submission and review, publication production, and registration and fee collection.
  5. Technical program
    • Overall structure
    • Innovative initiatives
    • Student and young professional initiatives
    • Industry-related initiatives
    • Number of keynote speakers
    • Number of plenary talks
    • Presentation format of the accepted papers (oral presentations or posters). How many do you think the proposed venue can handle
  6. Events for students, young professionals, industry forums, social program, outreach activities, marketing
  7. Information and ideas about implementing a hybrid conference format (in-person and virtual)
  8. Hotels
    • Include hotel guest room block sizes and pricing
  9. Budget overview, sponsors, and registration fees
    • Provide budget overview
    • Budget based on 4000, 5000, and 7000 attendees 
  10. Travel, transportation, restrictions, and visa requirements
  11. What will make your ICRA a unique and memorable experience?
  12. Any other relevant information

Step 2. Guidelines for Presenting Your Proposal During the CAB Meeting at IROS

After you received the invitation to present your proposal at IROS, you will be given a ~15-minute slot to present your proposal during the CAB meeting. There is no limitation for the number of slides anymore. Please make sure to submit your presentation as a PDF file at least one week before the meeting, so that it can be included in the pre-read material that will be shared with all CAB members. It is expected that at least the General Chair and the Program Chair are present in person. Other members of the proposing team will be very welcome to attend the CAB meeting as well.

Step 3. Guidelines for Preparing Your Full Proposal

After you received the invitation to submit a full proposal, you will receive detailed information, templates, and samples of previous proposals. CAB members and RAS staff members will offer help and guidance, so that you and your team can prepare a great ICRA proposal before April 1.



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