Guidelines for submitting, presenting, & preparing ICRA proposals

It is the goal to make this process transparent and fair for all teams submitting a proposal for hosting an edition of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. Below, please find additional information for each of the four steps.


Step 1. Guidelines for Submitting the LOI

The Letter of Intent (LOI)  is limited to 1 page and can be submitted through this form by August 1 of each year. The LOI should provide basic information about conference dates, location, venue, major organizing team members and roles. 

Step 2. Guidelines for Submitting the Pre-proposal

The pre-proposal is a written document of approximately 10 pages, and can be submitted through this form by September 7 of each year.  The pre-proposal should address all ICRA selection criteria in sufficient detail while providing relevant details in an appendix.  

The pre-proposal should provide information about the following items:

  • Organizing team

    • Experience

      • Conference organization

      • Technical strength

    • Diversity

      • Gender

      • Geographic

      • Seniority

      • Academic/industry

  • Budget

    • Completeness

    • Registration fees

    • Surplus

  • Location/city/country

    • Safety

    • Accessibility

    • Travel

    • Visa requirements (visa-free entry for how many countries?)

    • When was the last time ICRA went to this country or city?

  • Conference venue

    • Internet

    • Total size

    • Largest room

    • Exhibition space

    • Infrastructure for remote attendance

    • Configuration and layout flexibility

    • Interaction spaces

    • Proximity to hotels

    • Hotel and dining options

  • Technical program

    • Structure

    • Interactivity among onsite attendees

    • Interactivity with remote attendees

    • Workshops and Tutorials

    • Novelties

  • Member activities

    • Student activities

    • Career fair

    • WIE

    • RAS Townhall

    • Networking events

  • Industrial activities

    • Sponsors

    • Exhibitors

    • Industrial forum

  • Social activities

    • Social events

    • Opportunities for RAS events and meetings

    • Technical tours

    • Banquet

    • Novelties

  • Local arrangements

    • PCO

  • Communication and publicity

    • Mobile app

    • Social media

    • Website


Step 3. Guidelines for Preparing Your Full Proposal

After you receive the invitation to submit a full written proposal, you will receive detailed information and template for the full proposals.   ICRA SC members and RAS staff members will offer help and guidance, so that you and your team can prepare a great ICRA proposal before April 1.

Full proposals (approximately 20 pages plus an appendix) should expand the pre-proposal with more details, and address any feedback reviewed in the previous stage.  Full proposals should have developed an organizational management schedule, have secured preliminary commitments (space, facilities, hotels, exhibitors, PCO, vendors, etc), contingency management, and have realistic budget scenarios that can accommodate ICRA trends. 


More information about the detailed structure and content of the full proposal will follow.


Step 4. Guidelines for Presenting Your Proposal During the CAB and AdCom Meeting at ICRA

After submitting your full proposal at ICRA, you will be given a ~15-minute slot to present your proposal at the ICRA SC as well as RAS leadership (CAB and AdCom). There is no limitation for the number of slides. Please make sure to submit your presentation as a PDF file at least one week before the meeting, so that it can be included in the pre-read material that will be shared with all CAB members. It is expected that at least the General Chair and the Program Chair are present in person. Other members of the proposing team will be very welcome to attend the CAB meeting as well.

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