International Conference on Robotics and Computer Vision (ICRCV)

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The field of robotics and computer vision has seen significant advances in recent years, with breakthroughs in both hardware and software technologies. These technologies have become essential in many industries, including healthcare and manufacturing, and are increasingly being used to address real-world challenges.


The 2023 the 5th International Conference on Robotics and Computer Vision (ICRCV 2023) is a significant event for professionals in these fields to share their latest research and explore new opportunities for collaboration and innovation. The conference aims to bring together experts from academia, industry, and government to promote the development of robotics and computer vision technologies and their practical applications.


The conference is sponsored by Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China, and co-organized by Beijing Jiaotong University, Yunnan University, and Rehabilitation Medicine Engineering and Transformation Committee of Jiangsu Rehabilitation Medical Association. It features keynote speeches by experts, technical presentations, academic visits, and poster presentations. The ICRCV 2023 promises to be an exciting and innovative event that showcases the latest advancements in robotics and computer vision.

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