Haptics Companies

Company NameProduct ClassesStimulation TechnologyProduct ListCountry
Perth Tactiles Haptic devices Skin deformation Floor Tactiles Perth, Heavy Duty Polyurethane Pads, Braille Signage Australia
Boreas Technologies Actuators Vibrotactile Piezoelectric driver Canada
Quanser Software applications, Haptic devices Kinesthetic 5 DOF Haptic Wand, 6 DOF Denso Open Architecture Robot, HD² High Definition Haptic Device, Omni Bundle, QUARC® Real-Time Control Software Canada
Tactilelabs Actuators, Sensors, Electronic components Vibrotactile, Skin deformation Haptuator, Haptuator Mark II, Virtual Rainstick Kit, Latero, Industrial Haptuator Canada
MPB Haptic devices Kinesthetic Freedom 6S , Freedom 7S , The Cubic Canada
Jinlong Machinery Actuators Vibrotactile SMT Vibration Motors, PCB Mounted Vibration Motors, Coin Vibration Motors, Encapsulated Vibration Motors, Enclosed Vibration Motors, Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA), ERM Motors China
Senseg Software API, Haptic devices, Actuators, Electronic components Electrostimulation  Senseg Tixel, Senseg SDK, Senseg electronics module Finland
Actonika Actuators Vibrotactile Tactronik module, Tactronik engine France
DIDHAPTIC Software applications Virteasy implant pro, SAS3 France
Haption Software API, Software applications, Haptic devices  Kinesthetic Virtuose 3D Desktop, Virtuose 6D Desktop, Virtuose 6D , MAT 6D, Inca 6D, Able , Scale 1, Virtuose API , IPSI API, Interactive Physics Pack, Interactive Fitting for Catia, Realtime Interaction for Delmia, Interactive Fitting for Solidworks France
VOXEL-MAN Software applications VOXEL-MAN Tempo, VOXEL-MAN Dental Germany
Johnson Electric Actuators Vibrotactile, Kinesthetic Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) Motors , Solenoid platforms Hong Kong
Merkel Haptics Software applications, Haptic devices Vibrotactile CPR, MI Mannequin Trainer, Laparoscopic Surgical Simulator India
Namiki Actuators Vibrotactile Vibration motors, VS-A1630, VS-A1643 Japan
Minebea Actuators Vibrotactile, Kinesthetic Fan motors, Hybrid type stepping motors, PM stepping motors, Small diameter / High speed PM stepping motors, Brush DC motors, Small brushless motors, Power brushless motors, Polygon mirror scanner motors, HDD Spindle motors, Rotation angle sensors Japan
Moog Software applications, Haptic devices Kinesthetic HapticMASTER, Simodont Dental Trainer, Haptic Rehabilitation Unit Netherlands
Imagis Sensors, Electronic components Haptic drivers: ISA1000, ISA1200, ISA1400, Capacitive Touch Controller: IST3026, IST3032, Resistive Touch Controller: ISA2000 South Korea

Haptikfabriken AB

Haptic Devices


Polhem Haptic Device, Vintage Controller, WoodenHaptics Kit, Kobra Oral Surgery Simulator, Immersive Workbench

DevinSense Display Solutions Software API Kinesthetic DevinSense Display 300, DevinSense Display 700 Sweden
SenseGraphics Software API, Software applications H3D API , VHTK, SenseGraphics Display 300, SenseGraphics 3D-LIW Sweden
Force Dimension Software API, Software applications, Haptic devices Kinesthetic Sigma.7, Omega.3, Omega.6, Omega.7, Delta.3, Delta.6, Medical haptics , Force Dimension SDK, CHAI 3D Switzerland
Precision Microdrives Actuators, Electronic components, Mechanical components Vibrotactile Pico Vibe, Precision Haptic, Uni Vibe, Dura Vibe, Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA), Pager Motor / ERM Motors, PCB Mounted Vibration Motors, Coin Vibration Motor, Long Life Brushless (BLDC) Vibration Motors, Encapsulated Vibration Motors, Enclosed Vibration Motors United Kingdom
Tectonic Elements Actuators, Electronic components Vibrotactile Bending wave haptic exciters (DML), Bending wave haptic controller (ICs) United Kingdom
Touch and Discover Systems Software applications, Haptic devices Kinesthetic Probos, digitized museum United Kingdom
MedaPhor Software applications, Haptic devices Kinesthetic ultrasound ScanTrainer United Kingdom
3D Systems Haptic devices Kinesthetic 3D Systems Touch (formerly Geomagic Touch/Sensable Omni), Touch X USA


Alps Electronics

Actuators Vibrotactile HAPTIC Trigger, HAPTIC reactor, Haptic Commander USA


Butterfly Haptics

Haptic devices Kinesthetic Maglev 200 USA


CyberGlove Systems

Haptic Devices Kinesthetic, Vibrotactile CyberGlove, CyberTouch, CyberGrasp, CyberForce USA
haptx Haptic devices Cutaneous VR gloves USA
Lumo BodyTech Haptic devices Vibrotactile Lumo Lift, Lumo Back USA
Immersion Software API, Software applications TouchSense Tactile Feedback System, TouchSense Force Feedback System, Haptic SDK, Integrator USA
Novasentis Actuators Vibrotactile electro-mechanical polymer (EMP) actuators USA
Novint Technologies Software API, Software applications, Haptic devices  Kinesthetic Novint Falcon, Novint Xio (announced), Pistol Grip USA
Pressure Profile Systems Sensors Capacitive pressure sensors, tactile pressure mapping USA
SynTouch Sensors BioTac USA
Tactical Haptics Haptic devices Skin stretch Reactive Grip Motion Controller USA
Tanvas Haptic devices Surface haptics friction display, DEVKIT available USA
Touch of Life Technologies Software applications, Haptic devices Kinesthetic medical simulators (ArthroSim, OPUS Medical Skills Trainer) USA
Ultrahaptics Haptic devices Mid-air haptics ultrasound haptic interfaces UK
Atmel Software API, Actuators, Sensors Vibrotactile, Kinesthetic ERM actuators, Nonmechanical buttons, sliders, and wheels , maXFusion , maXTouch, XSense , QTouch Library USA