Standards Strategy Meeting - 19 May 2019


On May 19, 2019, the Industrial Activities Board (IAB) of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) organized the second in a series of Standards Strategy Meeting at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) Conference in Montreal, Canada. This was a follow-on meeting to one that was held the previous year in Madrid, in conjunction with International Conference on Intelligent Robots (IROS) 2018. More information about this previous meeting can be found here.

The focus of the Montreal meeting was on robot terminology harmonization among various standard organizations, which was one of the key strategic areas previously identified. Specific goals included:

  • Determining the best mechanism(s) for the various standards organization to work together to address this issue.
  • Determining the best approach to address the harmonization issue, whether it be a mapping between terms, a common ontology, or something else.
  • Working through a small set of terms/concepts that are common among the various standards, to try to scope the problem.

Twenty-seven people in total (only partially included in the picture) attended the meeting, including many of the IEEE RAS Working Group Chairs, representatives from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Robotics Industries Association (RIA), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and the Object Management Group (OMG), as well as experts in various robotics fields including autonomous vehicles and industrial robotics.

For more information, go to the 2019 Standards Strategy Meeting Summary.

standards meeting2

Back row, from left to right: Seungbin Moon, Kwan-Woong Gwak, Gurvinder Virk, Koji Kamei Roberta Nelson Shea, Signe Redfield, Pat Picarello, Stephen Balakirsky, Angel Guzman Rodriguez, Francisco Amigoni, Sebastian Bedacht, Roger Bostelman

Front row, from left to right: Carole Franklin, Laurence Devillers, Chris Debrunner, Abdelghani Chibani, Craig Schlenoff, Edson Prestes, Dominik Boesl


Agenda- Standards Strategy Meeting- 19 May 2019

Start Time End Time Topic Speaker
9:00 9:20 Welcome/Overview/Introductions Craig Schlenoff
9:20 9:30 IEEE WG Presentation - IEEE 1872 - CORA Craig Schlenoff
9:30 9:40 IEEE WG Presentation - IEEE P1872.1 Robot Task Representation Stephen Balakirsky
9:40 9:50 IEEE WG Presentation - IEEE P1872.2 - Autonomous Robotics Edson Prestes
9:50 10:00 IEEE SG Presentation – Verification of Autonomous Systems Signe Redfield
10:00 10:10 IEEE WG Presentation - IEEE P2751 - 3D Map Data Representation Francesco Amigoni
10:10 10:20 IEEE Ethics Efforts (P7007) Edson Prestes
10:20 10:30 IEEE Ethics Efforts (P7008) Laurence Devillers
10:30 10:40 BREAK
10:40 10:50 ISO TC299 WG1 (Vocabulary and Characteristics) Soon-Geul Lee
10:50 11:00 ISO TC299 WG3 (Industrial Safety) Roberta Nelson Shea
11:00 11:10 ISO TC299 WG4 (Service Robots) Seungbin Moon
11:10 11:20 ISO TC299 WG6 (Modularity) Gurvinder Virk
11:20 11:40 RIA Efforts in Robot Standards Carole Franklin
11:40 12:00 ASTM Efforts in Robot Standards Roger Bostelman
12:00 12:20 OMG Efforts in Robot Standards Koji Kamei
12:20 12:40 ASME Efforts in Robot Standards Angel Guzman Rodriguez
12:40 13:40 LUNCH
13:40 14:00 Ways for the Standards Bodies to Work Together Jodi Haasz / Christy Bahn
14:00 ??? DISCUSSION – Is there a terminology problem? It is important to address? Collaborations and Next Steps All


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