The Technical Committee on Mechanisms and Design seeks to bring together researchers with interest in innovative mechanical hardware in robotic systems in order to share knowledge, standardize practices/procedures, and raise the profile of the exciting new work being done in robot mechanisms and design. Additionally, we seek to establish strong ties to the robotics and robotic components industries to facilitate technology transfer, educate researchers on new available technologies, approaches, and standards, and help anchor research approaches to commercial needs and market viability. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Compliant and variable-stiffness mechanisms
  • Design of hardware for open-source dissemination
  • Design of robot systems incorporating novel mechanisms
  • Materials and fabrication technologies as they relate to novel design and mechanism paradigms
  • Mechanism synthesis
  • Novel actuator technologies
  • Novel transmission technologies
  • Parallel mechanisms
  • Parameter Selection and Sizing of Actuators
  • Underactuated mechanisms

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