ICRA 2024 Workshop on Unconventional Robots

TC-sponsored workshop award.


Award: Best Demo

Name of Recipient: Ezra Ben Abu (

Title of Demo: “Rewritable Multistable Non-Circular Frusta”


Award: Best Poster

Name of Recipient: Shashwat Singh (

Title of Poster: “Multi-modal jumping and crawling in an autonomous, springtail-inspired microrobot”

Workshop co-organized by TC on Mechanisms and Design and TC on Model-Based Optimization

ICRA 2024 Workshop on Co-Design, co-organized by the TC on Mechanisms & Design and the TC on Model-Based Optimization for Robotics.


Gabriele Fadini, ETHZ

Federico Girlanda, University of Padova, Italy

Feng Liu, University at Buffalo

Varun Madabushi, JHU Applied Physics Lab

Mitchell Fogelson, Carnegie Mellon

Participants engaged in discussions at ICRA 2024 Workshop on Co-Design in Robotics

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