The emerging field of robotics and automation at small spatial scales raises new scientific challenges and promises revolutionary advancements in such applications as biology, medicine, industry, micro and nanotechnologies and the environment. Phenomena at the micro and nanoscale are often markedly different from their macroscopic counterparts, and this has strong implications on robotic strategies, algorithms, software and hardware for manipulation, locomotion and control. Cells, biomolecules, and life processes all have characteristic dimensions in the nano and micro range. Artificial devices and systems at the nano and micro-scales will be able to interact intimately with biological ones, and are expected to lead to new scientific understanding and to new tools for such fundamental tasks as detection and treatment of disease.


The Technical Committee for Micro/Nano Robotics and Automation serves as a focal point to promote interactions and communication and provides leadership for research in this new field. Priority areas for the technical committee include but are not limited to:

  • Design of Micro/Nanorobots
  • Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling of Micro/Nanorobotic Systems
  • Control of Micro/Nanorobotic Systems
  • AFM/SPM Based Assembly and Manipulation at the Nanoscale
  • Molecular Self-Assembly and Swarm Behavior of Micro/Nanorobots
  • Micro/Nano-Assembly and Desktop Microfactories
  • Magnetic Micro/Nanorobotics
  • Bio- Micro/Nano-Robotics
  • Applications (e.g. Medicine, Biology, Industrial Manufacturing)


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