TC Poster Session and Networking Event


In the absence of in-person interactions at ICRA 2020, our TC will hold a virtual poster session and networking event on Thursday, July 16th. We will kick off the event with a short welcome on zoom and then hold two 40-minute poster sessions. We will use the platform to replicate informal interactions and conversations. Posters covering ICRA papers, recent journals, and/or other work in progress are encouraged. 

Event Details

Date/Time: July 16th, 9:30-11:00 AM EST (13:30-15:00 GMT, 22:30-00:00 JST)

Schedule (all times are in EST):

Time Schedule Item Link
9:30 - 9:40 AM Welcome and TC Presentation
9:40 - 10:20 AM Poster Session 1 Posters:, Networking:
10:20 - 11:00 AM Poster Session 2 Posters:, Networking:


Session 1 Posters

Optimal Reduced-order Modeling of Bipedal Locomotion (pdf)
Yu-Ming Chen, Jianshu Hu and Michael Posa

Tuning-Free Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization (pdf)
Aykut Onol, Radu Corcodel, Philip Long, and Taskin Padir

Impact-aware Task-Space Quadratic-Programming Control (pdf)
Yuquan Wang, Niels Dehio, Arnaud Tanguy, and Abderrahmane Kheddar

From Bi- to Many- Objective Optimization: Application to Robot Navigation (pdf)
Amiram Moshaiov

One Robot for Many Tasks: Versatile Co-Design through Stochastic Programming (pdf)
Gabriel Bravo-Palacios, Andrea Del Prete, Patrick M. Wensing

Whole-Body Walking Generation using Contact Parametrization. A Non-Linear Trajectory Optimization Approach (pdf)
Stefano Dafarra, Giulio Romualdi, Giorgio Metta and Daniele Pucci

STANCE: Locomotion Adaptation over Soft Terrain (pdf)
Shamel Fahmi, Michele Focchi, Andreea Radulescu, Geoff Fink, Victor Barasuol and Claudio Semini

Session 2 Posters

Stochastic and Robust MPC for Bipedal Locomotion: A Comparative Study on Robustness and Performance (pdf)
Ahmad Gazar, Majid Khadiv, Andrea Del Prete and Ludovic Righetti

Hybrid Systems Differential Dynamic Programming for Whole-Body Motion Planning of Legged Robots (pdf)
He Li and Patrick M. Wensing

Singularity Resolution for Multi-Level Constrained Dynamically Feasible Kinematic Control (pdf)
Kai Pfeiffer, Adrien Escande, Pierre Gergondet, and Abderrahmane Kheddar

Contact-Aware Controller Design for Complementarity Systems (pdf)
Alp Aydinoglu, Victor M. Preciado, Michael Posa

DISCO: Double Likelihood-free Inference Stochastic Control (pdf)
Lucas Barcelos, Rafael Oliveira, Rafael Possas, Lionel Ott, Fabio Ramos

Real-time Model Predictive Control for Versatile Dynamic Motions in Quadrupedal Robots (pdf)
Yanran Ding, Abhishek Pandala, Hae-Won Park

MPC Controller with Terrain Insight for Dynamic Legged Locomotion (pdf)
Octavio Villarreal, Victor Barasuol, Patrick M. Wensing, Darwin G. Caldwell, Claudio Semini


TC-Related ICRA 2020 Paper Repository

Combing through over 1500 ICRA papers has been daunting for many. To help us all:

  • Please register your TC-related ICRA paper here.
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