This is a (very incomplete) list of projects which study optimization problems in robotics. If you would like your project to be included in this list, you can use this form or send an email to


The goal of the KoroiBot project is to enhance the ability of humanoid robots to walk in a dynamic and versatile fashion in the way humans do. Research and innovation work in KoroiBot will mainly target novel motion control methods for existing hardware, but it will also derive optimized design principles for next generation robots.


Funded by European Union under GA 611909.

Coordinator: Katja Mombaur, University of Heidelberg, Germany


The aim of CoDyCo is to advance the current control and cognitive understanding about robust, goal- directed whole-body motion interaction with multiple contacts. At the end of each year a scenario will be used to validate on the iCub  the theoretical advances of the project.


Duration: March 2013 - Febr 2017

Funded by Europen Union under GA 600716

Coordinator: Francesco Nori, IIT,  Genova, Italy