RA-L Past Special Issues

The purpose of RA-L Special Issues is to provide a timely and concise account of recent advances in a scientific, technical, or application area by collecting several papers organized in a coherent theme. To propose a special issue, see the instructions here.

Published special issues for RA-L can be found on IEEE Xplore. Papers within a special issue are identified by an editorial that provides links to all the papers in the special issue.

Benchmarking Protocols for Robotic Manipulation

Soft Haptic Interaction: Modeling, Design, and Application (2018-2019) 

Intelligent Human-Robot Interaction for Rehabilitation and Physical Assistance (2018)

AI for Long-Term Autonomy (2018)

Precision Agricultural Robotics and Autonomous Farming Technologies (2018)

Aerial Manipulation (2017-2018)

Human Cooperative Wearable Robotic Systems (2017-2018)

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