Submitting Final Camera-Ready Manuscripts

If the editor-in-chief invites you to prepare and submit your paper in final form then it must be prepared for transmission to the IEEE publications department. All articles for the Magazine are typeset by the IEEE to ensure they are formatted correctly. Please follow the guidelines below.

  • Prepare a revised version of the paper in PDF format in accordance with the instructions of the Editor. This file is for cross-checking only and will not be used for the final publication.
  • Respect the page limits for the magazine.
  • Prepare the source files of the paper for submission. IEEE can accept manuscripts in a variety of formats including For best Word (.doc format), ASCII, Rich Text Format (.rtf format) or LaTeX style files and instructions may be found here. Pack the file or files in a single compressed file with the extension .zip.
  • Include the original graphics files as separate high-resolution files and NOT included in a Word file. The minimum resolution should be 300 dpi for the desired final print size. Ensure that you have permission to use any picture you may be using: it is not legal to just get a picture from the WWW from other authors, for example. Clearly state in your letter to the editor that all used graphics have been cleared from any copyright issues which may be involved.
  • On the PaperCept website, follow the link Log in and log in with your PIN (or Login alias) and password.
  • On your Access page, enter your Author workspace.
  • If the previous version of your paper was submitted under the old system (before October 31, 2008) then you may not find your paper in your Author workspace. In this case you will need to use the Legacy login link on the Access page. The e-mail message that you received from the Editor has full instructions.
  • Locate your paper on your Author workspace page and click on the link Submit final version.
  • Complete the required steps.
  • After submitting the final version you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail.
  • After the paper has been forwarded to the publishers you will be contacted by e-mail about the copyright form and the proofs.
  • IMPORTANT: please note that the TITLE of your paper will be edited to make it catchy, short, clear and appealing to most RAM readers. So, the new Title may not correspond to the one that you proposed in your final manuscript, but you will be notified of the new title at the time of proof correction. Also, a SUBTITLE will be proposed and included in the fully edited version of your manuscript. In case you plan to post a draft version of your paper on websites before its publication, be aware that the possible change of the title in the final manuscript could make some early citations of the draft version of your paper not fully consistent with the final Xplore citation data.

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