Author Checklist for Papers Submitted to IEEE T-ASE

When preparing a manuscript for submission, please take care to address the following 9 points:

  1. Please review relevant links on Information for Authors.
  2. Papers must be in IEEE two-column format.
  3. Include the Note to Practitioners and ensure that it is in clear language and distinct from the Abstract.
  4. Explain clearly how your paper addresses the key issues of Automation: new techniques, analysis, models, and results on quality, robustness, stability, productivity, efficiency, completeness, optimality, convergence, performance guarantees, time-complexity, sensitivity, verification, reliability and related topics. See example.
  5. Comparison with Previous Results – Please compare your results with previous methods. Experiments should include numerical comparisons with previously published methods or a convincing explanation why no previous methods are relevant.
  6. Relevant references – to put your contributions in context of the most recent research, please make sure your Related Work section contains relevant references that have appeared in the past two years in conferences and journals. When possible, please cite the archival journal version of the paper, which is more comprehensive than their conference versions.
  7. To increase the usefulness (and citations) to your paper if it is accepted, we encourage you to include data files and other material with your final version (after acceptance) so that others may build on your results. For example Excel spreadsheets of your data, including data presented in figures and any raw data that could not fit in the paper, presentations on the work (in .pdf or .ppt or .pptx format), and illustrative videos. See Submission of Multimedia Material for formats and how to include media files.
  8. Please note the IEEE policy on Plagiarism and the iAuthenticate software that is used to check all papers. Explain any potential overlap with other papers in your cover letter.
  9. In your cover letter, indicate the primary and secondary Methodologies and Applications covered in your paper, using the codes on this page. This will help us to select appropriate Editors and reviewers.

If Resubmitting a New Paper Based on a Previously Reviewed Paper

In addition to the above points, a new paper that is a resubmission of a previously reviewed paper must contain the following information in their response to reviewers:

  1. Name of the Editor handling the Original Submission
  2. Title of Original Submission
  3. Paper Number of Original Submission
  4. Original Submission Date
  5. Original Submission Date that Reviews were returned
  6. T-ASE permits a maximum of 2 Revise and Resubmit decisions. Articles that exceed that number may be immediately rejected

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