List of Reviewers

We thank the many reviewers who have played a crucial role in keeping the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS (T-RO) the premier journal in the field. The high quality standards of our reviewing process rely on the expertise and dedication of peer reviewers and editorial board members.  Papers submitted to T-RO benefit from the detailed comments provided in the technical reviews, complemented by the recommendation of the handling associate editor.  Their comments are reviewed carefully by the handling editor before the editor issues a decision.  As a result, whether or not the paper is accepted, authors are given constructive suggestions for improving the content and appearance of their original submission.

The files below are alphabetic lists of the reviewers who completed at least one T-RO review in the calendar year indicated. To all these colleagues, and to anyone who may have been inadvertently left out, we extend our sincere thanks.
Wolfram Burgard
T-RO Editor-in-Chief

2023 List of Reviewers 

2022 List of Reviewers

2021 List of Reviewers

2020 List of Reviewers

2019 List of Reviewers

2018 List of Reviewers

2017 List of Reviewers

2016 List of Reviewers

2015 List of Reviewers

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