RAS-SIGHT has been soliciting proposals that when implemented would improve the quality of life for the beneficiaries. Some important points worth noting:

  • The proposed problem should be solved using robotics and automation technologies;
  • It is strongly encouraged that the solution be developed and deployed with active involvement from the community or the end-users that it is intended to benefit;
  • Sustainability beyond the completion of the project is a key consideration.

For more information, see the 2020 Call for Proposals.

To date, the following 26 projects have been funded:

  • Download Full ReportDownload Digest: Teaching English in Rural Africa through Conversational Robotic Agents (Univ. of Washington, USA | Maya Cakmak and Leah Perlmutter) 
  • Download Full ReportDownload Digest: Prevention, Combat and Aftermath of Forest Fires: A Robotic Solution (Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal | Paulo Goncalves)
  • Download Full ReportDownload Digest: Humanoid robots for therapeutic treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children (Jaume-I University, Spain | Enric Cervera)
  • Download Full ReportDownload Digest: Active Information Seeking for Autonomous Aerial Robotic Search and Rescue (UNevada, Reno, USA | Kostas Alexis)
  • Download Full ReportDownload Digest: Home-based Rehabilitation for Children with Cerebral Palsy using Wearable Technologies (UMass Lowell, USA | Momotaz Begum)
  • Download Full ReportDownload Digest: Epidemiological Surveillance through Automated Tracking of Blood Samples (NortheasternU, USA | Taskin Padir)
  • Download Full ReportDownload Digest: EDUBOTS: Interactive Cooperators to Develop Educational Robotics (University of Nariño, Colombia | David Cisneros Insuasti)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Enhancing the Speak Up! Suite of Voice Powered Games (Carnegie Mellon University | Amal Nanavati, M. Bernardine Dias, & Aaron Steinfeld)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Variable stiffness prosthetic grasper with myolelectric control (UPB | Cecilia Tapia, Oscar Urquidi and Markus Pakleppa)
  • Download Full Report: RAS Humanitarian Technology Day 2017
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest:Use of Drones for Air Quality Monitoring (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru | Monica Abarca, Carlos Saito, Francisco Cuellar)
  • Download Digest: The Honey Bee Initiative- Smart Hive (George Mason University | Daniel M. Lofaro and Christopher Taylor)
  • Download Full Report |Download Digest: Establishing Robotics Labs in Underprivileged Schools to promote STEM based Education for Enhancing Skill Sets Prior to Entering Higher Education Settings (NED | Muhammad Nabeel, Hiba Latifee and Muhammad Khurram)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: The PSYONIC-ROMP Collaboration: Providing Affordable, Advanced Prosthetic Hands in Quito, Ecuador (PSYONIC & ROMP | Aadeel Akhtar & David Krupa)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Low-cost Handheld Plant Health Monitoring Device for Resource Limited Regions (IIT Kharagpur & TU Munich | Tania Bera & Subhamoy Mandal)
  • Download Digest: Gear for Automation: Using Robotics to BRING BACK jobs for Workers in Garments Industry (North South University, Bangladesh | Lamia Iftekhar)
  • Download Digest: Underwater Robot for Water Quality Monitoring in Pipelines (Georgia State University | Ashwin Ashok)
  • Download Digest: Out of the Shadows: Leveraging Robotics Education to Improve Prosperity in the Developing Nation of Myanmar (Univ. of Toronto | Jonathan Kelly)  
  • Download Digest: Automated Assistive Breathing Device with Sustainable Energy Source for Disaster Response and the Developing World (Ohio State University | Jeffrey Skidmore, Daniel Vazquez, and Amanda Haney)
  • Poultry Egg Incubator (Al-Balqa Applied University | Sulieman Meqdadi) 
  • Prototyping a Motorized Commode Chair (UMBC | Kavita Krishnaswamy & Tim Oates)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Bridging Robotics Education between High School and University: An Outreach Development in Southeast Asia (Nankai University | Jeffrey Tan)
  • Download Digest: A Robot in My World: A Robotic Solution for Elderly Homes (Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco | Paulo Goncalves)
  • Download Digest: Autonomous Multimodal Robotic Perception System for Intelligent Wildfire Detection and Monitoring (Univ. of Lisboa & IDMEC | Maria Sousa et al.)
  • Download Digest: Humanitarian Innovation: Portable Lab, Training, Workshop and Hackathon (American University of Beirut | Imad Elhajj et al.)



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