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IROS 2018 Workshop

RoboCup Humanoid League: Organizers: Ludovic Hofer (Bordeaux University, France), Reinhard Gerndt (Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Technical Advances in the Soccer Domain

Technical Advances in the Soccer Domain

  • Middle Size League: a new omnidirectional mobile platform -> eight wheels [Douven et al., 2019].
  • Small Size League: the curved shoot mechanism [Yoshimoto et al., 2017].
  • Humanoid League: new platforms for adult size humanoids [Farazi et al., 2019], biped walking: the genetic algorithm of Zahn et al. [2020]. 
  • Standard Platform League: Deep Learning Applications à synthetic database [Szemenyei and Estivill-Castro, 2019], game analysis [Mellmann et al., 2019]

Technical Advances in the Rescue Robot Domain


  • Full integration of ASTM E54.09 Standard Test Methods for Response Robots results compatible with industry and public safety.
  • Increasing integration with local public safety end-users
  • Remote proctoring of distributed competition for continuation during the pandemic.
  • A growing contingent of high school students competing with mostly 3D printed robots in smaller, but still standardized, versions of the full-size tests.

Technical Advances in the Rescue Simulation Domain

Rescue Simulation

  • Virtual Robot League now fully transitioned to the more widely used Gazebo simulator and ROS to reduce barriers to entry for new teams, which now include high school students.
  • Distributed map integration across their multiple simulated robots is now the norm across the league.
  • Developing Agent Development Framework (ADF) that unifies the architecture of agents and makes the different components of an agent reusable and modular.
  • Refuges now only admit a limited number of victims, creating a challenge to the Ambulance Teams to decide where to transport the victims rather than just the closest refuge.
  • Webviewer is a web-based service that enables the simulation runs on cloud servers to be watched online and or offline using a web browser.

 Technical Advances in the RoboCup@Home Domain

  • Two standard platforms were introduced in 2017 as a result of an open call for tenders: the Toyota HSR for the new Domestic Standard Platform League, and Pepper from SoftBank Robotics for the new Social Standard Platform League.
  • Inamura & Mizuchi [2018] proposed a novel software platform called “SIGVerse” for statistically evaluating human–robot interaction in competitions.
  • Hagg et al. [2017] proposed a method for recognizing transparent objects using combinations of four modalities: 2-D shapes, 3-D geometry, transparency, and specular reflection.

RoboCup Symposium

Invited Speakers for RoboCup Symposium 2021

  • Dieter Fox (Nvidia Research and University of Washington): "Toward robust manipulation in complex environments"
  • Jean-Paul Laumond (CNRS): "Robotics: The Science of Motion"
  • Stefanie Tellex (Brown University): "Towards Complex Language in Partially Observed Environments”
Symposium 2021


Inviter Speakers for RoboCup Symposium 2019

  • Peter Corke (Queensland University of Technology): "Creating Robots That See"
  • Gamini Dissanayake (University of Technology Sydney): "Robots in the Wild"
Symposium 2019


Invited Speakers for RoboCup Symposium 2018

  • Yoshua Bengio (Universite de Montreal): "Deep Learning for AI"
  • Jeannette Bohg (Stanford): "On the Role of Structure in Learning for Robot Manipulation"
  • Torsten Kroeger (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ): "Robot Manipulation: Real-time Motion Planning, Hybrid Control, and Reinforcement Learning"
Symposium 2018


  • Technical committee: 16% (one transgender is counted as male), Executive committee: 13%, Trsutees: 20%, Average 16%
  • To encourage female members, we created “The Silvia Coradeschi RoboCup Award” in 2014 for a young female RoboCup student, with distinguishing research. - See more at:
    • Recipients: Lucia Liu, ETH Zurich (2019), Fatemeh Pahlevan Aghababa, Sharif University (2018), Padmaja Kulkarni, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University (2017), Maike Paetzel, Uppsala University (2016),  Lotte de Koning, University of Eindhoven (2015), 2014: Katie Genter, the University of Texas at Austin (2014)



  • Chair: Raymond Sheh (Georgetown University and Guest Researcher, NIST)
  • Co-chairs: Reinhard Gerndt (Ostfalia University), Asad Norouzi (Huawei Technologies Canada and Seneca College), Hiroyuki Okada (Tamagawa University)
  • Advisory board (former co-chairs):
    • Minoru Asada (International Professional University of Technology in Osaka and Osaka University)
    • Manuela Veloso (J. P. Morgan and Carnegie Mellon University)
    • Daniele Nardi (Sapienza University of Rome)
    • Daniel Lee (Cornell University)


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Past and Upcoming Events:


RoboCup Main Annual Event

RoboCup 2021 Worldwide

Online, June 22-28

RoboCup 2021


RoboCup Regional Events

RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2021

RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2021

Aichi - Japan, November 25-29

RoboCup Brazil Open 2021

RoboCup Brazil Open 2021

Online, October 11-15

RoboCup Russia Open 2021

RoboCup Russia Open 2021

Tomsk - Russia, May 13-16

RoboCup Portugal Open 2021

RoboCup Portugal Open 2021

Aveiro - Portugal, April 28 - May 2

RoboCup Kazakhstan 2021

Online, April 26 - May 2

German Open 2021

RoboCup German Open 2021

Magdeburg - Germany, April 20-24


RoboCup Regional Events


RoboCup Main Annual Event

RoboCup 2019, Sydney, Australia. July 2-8 RoboCup 2019 YouTube social icon red 48px

 Robocup Regional Events


RoboCup Main Annual Event

RoboCup 2018, Montreal, Canada. June 16-22 RoboCup2018RoboCup 2018

RoboCup Regional Events 


RoboCup Main Annual Event

RoboCup 2017, Nagoya, Japan. July 25-31

RoboCup Regional Events




  • 4th International RoboCup MSL Workshop, Eindhoven, Netherlands. November 10-12, 2014
  • RoboCup China Open 2014, Hefei, China. October 10-12, 2014
  • RoboCup 2014, João Pessoa, Brazil. July 19-25, 2014
  • 2014 RoboCup National Opens: Japan Open (Kyushu Institiute of Technology, Kitakyushu Science and Reseaerch Park, and Niigata Institute of Technology, May 4-6, 2014), Iran Open (Tehran, Iran, April 07-11, 2014), RoboCupJunior Austrian Open ( University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, April 26-27, 2014)
  • 2014 International Spring School on Humanoid Soccer Robots, Amirakabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran. April 12-16, 2014


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