- The TC has been actively involved in organizing an increasing number of workshops and special sessions at main conferences (e.g., ICRA 2011, IACAP 2011, AISB 2012, and others).
- A spotlight article on the TC will appear in the December 2013 issue of IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine.
- Former and current TC co-chairs have been involved in various publications on different aspects of robot ethics (e.g., Veruggio, Solis and Van der Loos 2011, Lin, Bekey, and Abney 2012, Briggs and Scheutz 2012).
- Former and current TC co-chairs are also actively engaged in giving presentations inside and outside of academia on all aspects of Robot Ethics.
- Former and current TC co-chairs have also been actively distributing information on domestic/international workshops related to the TC.