SAC Robot Trivia

From 3 Jun, 2020 23:00 until 4 Jun, 2020

3 June 2020, 5am CEST (8pm Pacific/11pm EDT)

Think you know about robots? We'll see about that! Join us virtually for a SAC-hosted trivia event where we test your knowledge about robots in popular culture, music, movies, and even from a technical perspective.

We offer the Robot Trivia sessions at the following times below. Please form a team of up to 5 members and only sign up for one time slot based on what works best for you and your team members. If team members are not specified, you will be placed onto a team. Each trivia session includes 6-7 rounds of 10 questions each.


Date and time of events:
          • 3 June 2020, 5am CEST (8pm Pacific/11pm EDT)
          • 4 June 2020, 10pm CEST (1pm Pacific/4pm EDT)
          • 8 June 2020, 6pm CEST (9am Pacific/12 noon EDT) 
  • Format of event: Live video
  • Main Organizers: Geoff Nagy and Blake Hament
  • Is registration required? Yes. Preferably in teams.
  • Link to registration

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