Meet the Leaders

From 2 Jun, 2020 00:00 until 12 Jun, 2020

Meet the Leaders (formally Lunch with Leaders) 

This is the digital equivalent of the popular Lunch with Leaders event! Students sign up for only one time slot to chat informally with academic and industry leaders around the world. Leaders will begin with an informal 5-minute presentation about themselves, and then answer questions from the student attendees.

Date and time of event: June 2-12.
This event will be held during multiple days. Participants (mostly students) can sign up for specific time slots to meet with a leader. We have prepared 5 or more - separate, smaller events held on multiple days/timezones.

We have confirmed the following leaders for the following dates:

  • Paolo Fiorini (RAS Secretary), and Andrea Calanca, and Alessandro Farinelli, June 3rd @ 12pm CEST
  • Toshio Fukuda (IEEE President), June 4th @ 8pm JST
  • Jaydev Desai (2020 IEEE RA Technical Field Award), Thursday, June 4th @ 13:00 EDT / 17:00 GMT
  • Frank Park (RAS President Elect), June 9th @ 1am KST
  • Torsten Kroeger (RAS VP of Conference Activities), June 12th @ 3pm CEST
  • Lydia Kavraki (2020 RAS Pioneer Award Winner), June 9th @ 12pm CDT
  • Aleksandra Faust (2020 RAS Early Industry Career Award in RA), June 2nd, 12pm PDT
  • Allison Okamura (Editor-in-Chief of RA-L) and Marcia O'Malley (IROS 2020 Program Chair), June 11th @ 10am PDT
  • Peter Corke (2020 George Saridis Leadership Award) and colleagues, June 3rd @ 10am AEST.
  • Dieter Fox (2020 RAS Pioneer Award Winner), June 11th @12pm PDT
  • Zhidong Wang (RAS VP EPSB), Yasushi Nakauchi, Yasuhisa Hiirata, June 8th @ 12:30 JST
  • Seth Hutchinson (RAS President), June 10th @12:00 EDT
  • Paolo Fiorini, RAS Secretary, and Andrea Calanca, and Alessandro Farinelli, June 10th @ 16:00 CEST/ 10am EST
  • Nancy Amato (RAS VP MAB), June 8th @ 12:00 CDT
  • Eugenio Guglielmelli (2020 RAS Distinguished Service Award) and colleagues, Friday, June 12th @ 12:00 CEST / 10:00 GMT

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