CALL: Students Participating in IEEE Robotic Standardization Efforts (SPIRSE)

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society is interested in encouraging students to play an active role in existing robotics standardization efforts. IEEE RAS has multiple standardization efforts, which can be found at To help encourage student participation, funds have been set aside to provide partial travel support to students interested in attending the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) ( in Paris, France on 31 May – 4 June, where numerous IEEE robotics standardization meetings will be held. We expect to award 3 - 4 travel grants for $1,000 each. While this will likely only support a fraction of the students’ travel expenses, it is hoped that this will make it a little easier for students to attend. Priority will be given to students that would not have otherwise attended ICRA (e.g., do not have a paper accepted), and priority will also be given to undergraduate students. You do not need to be an IEEE member to apply.

Travel awards will cover conference and/or workshop registration and partial reimbursement for lodging and travel. Reimbursements will be processed after attendance at ICRA 2020. Selected students will be expected to participate in the full-day standards terminology harmonization meeting to be held the day before ICRA (30 May), as well as participate in at least one standards working group meeting, to be held on either 13 May or 4 June. They will also be required to write a 2 - 3 page report, submitted to IEEE RAS, describing their experiences at the conference and how they expect to use what they learned in the future.

To apply for the travel grant, email the following to Dr. Craig Schlenoff (Associate Vice President of Standardization in the Robotics and Automation Society Industrial Activities Board) at in a Word or PDF document.

  • Name
  • Contact Information (university, address, phone, email)
  • No more than a 1000 essay words describing the following:

                - Your overall interest in robotic standards

                - Which IEEE Robotics Standards efforts most interest you and why

                -Plans and expectations for how you will incorporate robotic standards in your continued education and your future career

                -Plans for continuing participation in robotics standardization efforts

Applications are due 1 April 2020 which notification of acceptance expected on or around 15 April 2020.

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