Student Scavenger Hunt Winners From 2019 ICRA

Thank you for participating in ICRA 2019's Scavenger Hunt! We hope you had a lot of fun---it sure looks like it! The results are in, and here 
they are:

In 1st place: Control Queens, by a landslide! Well done, and  congratulations.

In 2nd place, we have Team Wookie! Nice job!


 The goal of this photo scavenger hunt is to help meet fellow students and robotics leaders, enjoy the many conference opportunities, and give an excuse to step outside the conference venue to experience the unique sights, sounds, and foods of Montreal!

Conference Challenges:

  • Check out the welcome reception: #icra2019welcome
  • Shake hands with a keynote speaker: #icra2019keynote
  • Get the RAS president's autograph: #icra2019president
  • Say hi to a fellow student you've never met before: #icra2019newfriend
  • Take a selfie with a member of the RAS staff: #icra2019rasstaff
  • Buy someone a drink: #icra2019cheers
  • Say goodbye at the farewell reception: #icra2019solong
  • Take a picture of an interesting poster: #icra2019poster
  • Take a picture of an interesting exhibition: #icra2019exhibition

Local Challenges:

  • Eat a Montreal style sesame seed bagel #icra2019meetsbagel
  • Capture yourself with the biosphere (bonus points for trick photos) #icra2019biosphere
  • Learn about Montreal history with a walk through the old city and a picture with the Notre-Dame basilica. #icra2019basilica
  • Find the perfect bowl of Poutine and share it with a friend. #icra2019poutine
  • Check out the Botanical Gardens. #icra2019jardinbotanique
  • Take a picture of the city from the beautiful vantage point of Mont-Royal. #icra2019montroyal
  • Café Chat L’Heureux is North America's first cat cafe! Take a selfie with one of those cute kittens! #icra2019catcafe
  • Montreal is known for its exciting night life. Have a fun night out with friends! #icra2019montrealnightlife
  • Old Montreal has been called a "little piece of Europe." Want to know why? Check it out! #icra2019oldmontreal
  • Montreal has flavors of the French Caribbean. Find the must try Haitian restaurant of Montreal and get a picture with the cool wall art. #icra2019frenchcaribbean
  • Visit the Mile End (the city’s artsiest neighbourhood) and post a picture of some of the coolest art you find or take a group picture with friends from ICRA at the aire commune. #icra2019artattack
  • Find your favorite cafe or Poutine shop in old Montreal and share information for meeting up with your new friends! #icra2019favecafe

Don't forget, we have scavenger hunts at both ICRA and IROS. So, if you're coming to Macau this Fall for IROS, you'll have plenty of opportunities to become the next winning team.

Thanks everyone!

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