Student Scavenger Hunt Winners From 2019 IROS in Macau

Thank you for participating in IROS 2019's Scavenger Hunt! We hope you had a lot of fun---it sure looks like it! The results are in, and here
they are:

1st place: Purple Rice Yogurt

Surabhi Verma

Julie Stephany Berrio

2nd place: Flying Giraffe

Philippe Ludivig

Jan Mrázek

Vishnu Sashank Dorbala

3rd place: IROSofties

Erin Nolan

Jan Peters

Juanma Gandarias

Mats Wiese

4th place: Autobots

Takuto Takahashi

Juan José Quiroz Omaña

Rahul Kumar


Conference Challenges:

Check out the welcome reception: #iros2019welcome

pry welcome reception 2 Flying giraffe welcome reception  IROSofties welcome reception Autobots welcome reception2

Shake hands with a keynote speaker: #iros2019keynote

PRY keynote IROSofties keynote 2 IROSofties keynote 3 PRY keynote 2

Get the RAS president's autograph: #iros2019president

PRY president PRY president 3 

Say hi to a fellow student you've never met before: #iros2019newfriend

PRY new friend PRY new friend 3 PRY new friend 2 IROSofties new friend4 IROSofties new friend IROSofties new friend2 IROSofties new friend3 Flying Giraffe new friend Autobots new friend

Take a selfie with a member of the RAS staff: #iros2019rasstaff

RAS staff Flying giraffes RAS staff IROSofties

Buy someone a drink: #iros2019cheers

IROSofties Cheers  IROSofties Cheers3 IROSofties Cheers2 PRY Cheers PRY Cheers2 PRY Cheers 3

Say goodbye at the farewell reception: #iros2019solong

PRY So Long PRY So Long2 PRY So Long3 IROSofties So Long IROSofties So Long2

Take a picture of an interesting poster: #iros2019poster

 Flying Giraffe Posters2 IROSofties Posters2 PRY Posters  PRY Posters3

Take a picture of an interesting exhibition: #iros2019exhibition

PRY Exhibition PRY Exhibition2 IROSofties Exhibition Flying giraffe Exhibition

Local Challenges:

Macau attracts many international travelers. Seek out at least three cuisines from other Asian countries for breakfast/lunch/dinner. #iros2019eatlocale

IROSofties eat local PRY eat local  PRY eat local4 PRY eat local7

An international destination attracts those from outside of Asia (maybe even you!). Show us that you enjoyed at least three cuisines from non-Asian countries. #iros2019foodsunknown

PRY Foods Unkown3 Flying giraffe Foods Unkown

Everyone could use a little bit of luck; visit at least 1 Buddhist temple and 1 church. Bonus points for both in the same photo. #iros2019wishingwell

Flying giraffe wishing well Flying giraffe wishing well3 PRY wishing well6 PRY wishing well4

The Venetian itself is a famous attraction in Macau. Take a picture on a bridge in Venetian with a gondola in sight. #iros2019venetian

PRY venetian2 Autobots venetian PRY venetian IROSofties venetian 
Enjoy and share a night view of Macau (at Macau Tower). #iros2019nightview

Flying giraffe night view  PRY night view PRY night view2

Macau used to be owned by Portugal until 1999. Walk around Vila da Taipa and take a picture of either Portuguese building or Portuguese food. #iros2019VilaDaTaipa

PRY Vila da Taipa PRY Vila da Taipa2 PRY Vila da Taipa3 PRY Vila da Taipa4 IROSofties Vila da Taipa IROSofties Vila da Taipa2 IROSofties Vila da Taipa3 IROSofties Vila da Taipa4

Just a brisk walk away from the ferry terminal is the Fisherman's Wharf! But don't be fooled by the name---it's actually a theme park! Why not stop by? #iros2019wharf

PRY wharf PRY wharf2 PRY wharf3 

The Museum of Macau is the largest museum in the city, featuring over 3000 exhibits and priceless historical artifacts. Learn some history and check it out! #iros2019macaumuseum

PRY macau museum PRY macau museum2 PRY macau museum3

Macau is home to the Giant Panda Pavilion. How many pandas can you find during your visit? #iros2019pandas

PRY Pandas IROSofties Pandas Flying Giraffe Pandas 2 Flying giraffe Pandas

Fountains always seem to accompany resorts. Take a picture with a dramatic fountain you passed during your visit! #iros2019fountains

Flying giraffe Fountains Flying giraffe Fountains2 IROSofties Fountains PRY Fountains PRY Fountains2

Don't forget, we have scavenger hunts at both ICRA and IROS. So, if you're coming to Paris this Spring for ICRA, you'll have plenty of opportunities to become the next winning team.

Thanks everyone!

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