ICRA Welcome Kit prepared by TC student representatives

We are excited to introduce the "ICRA Welcome Kit," a comprehensive guidebook designed to streamline your experience at the conference. This kit serves as a centralized resource, listing and organizing all sessions and events relevant to your Technical Committee (TC). 
Welcome Kit List


Model-Based Optimization for Robotics: https://bit.ly/icra24welcomeTCMBOR

Soft Robotics: https://bit.ly/icra24welcomeTCSR

Computer & Robot Vision: https://bit.ly/icra24welcomeTCCRV

Multi-Robot Systems: https://bit.ly/icra24welcomeTCMRS

Machine Learning for Automation: https://bit.ly/icra24welcomeTCMLA

Haptics: https://bit.ly/icra24welcomeTCH


Student Representatives, Thank you for your dedication and commitment.

Thank you.

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