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Verification of Autonomous Systems Seminar Series


April 4th 2024, 9 am EDT

Houssam Abbas, TBC

Taylor Thomas Johnson, TBC


May 2nd 2024


June 6th 2024


Technical Committee Members Meetings

September 5th 2024



Verification of Autonomous Systems Seminar Series

*** To download the available slides, please click on the respective seminar title ***


May 7, 2020

Signe Redfield, "Autonomous Behavior Specification

Dejanira Araiza-Illan, "On verification, safety and manufacturing in Industries 4.0"


June 4, 2020

Michael Fisher, "Steps to Verifying Autonomous Systems

Mauricio Castillo-Effen, "Trustworthy Autonomous Systems"


July 2, 2020

Youcheng Sun, "Validation and Verification of Learning-Enabled State Estimation System for Robotics

Chris Allsopp, "Developing a Taxonomy of Errors for the Integration of Autonomous Components


August 6, 2020

John S. Baras, "Trusted Autonomy Theory and Applications"

Jim Kapinski, “Application of lightweight verification methods to delivery devices” (slides not available)


October 1, 2020

Joanna Olszewska, "On V&V of Intelligent Vision Systems"

Charles Lesire-Cabaniols, "Formal methods for verification and control of software architectures"


November 5, 2020

Marco Roggero, "Design and verification of algorithms for object detection and tracking using lidar data"

Brian Logan, "Synthesising provably correct programs for autonomous systems"


January 7, 2021

Michael Winikoff, "Towards a Framework for Certification of Reliable Autonomous Systems"

Jyotirmoy Vinay Deshmukh, "Safe Deep Neural Network Controllers for Autonomous Systems" (slides not available)


February 4, 2021

Geoffrey Biggs, "Software libraries for increasing the reliability of C++ software"

David Tate, "Formal and Empirical Verification of Autonomy for Assurance"


March 4, 2021

Tom Freund, "Urban Air Mobility: Verifying trust"

Liren Yang, "Synthesis-guided Adversarial Example Generation for Gray-box Autonomous Systems with Sensing Imperfections"


April 1, 2021

Aurora Schmidt & Marin Kobilarov, "Verified Assured Learning for Unmanned Embedded Systems (VALUES)" (slides not available)

Ali Narenji Sheshkalani, "Verification of visibility-based properties on multiple moving robots in an environment with obstacles"


May 6, 2021

Sergiy Bogomolov, "Trusted Autonomous Systems: Verification Meets Falsification" (slides not available)

Angelo Ferrando, "ROSMonitoring: A Runtime Verification Framework for ROS" (slides not available)


June 3, 2021

Rosemary Monahan, "Formalising Verifiable Requirements in an Aerospace Use-Case"

Ufuk Topcu, "Autonomous Systems in the Intersection of Formal Methods, Controls and Learning” (slides not available)


October 7, 2021

Sadra Sadraddini, "Coordination of Large Heterogeneous Teams from Temporal Logic Specifications" (slides not available)

Kevin Leahy, "Efficient Motion Planning with Collision Avoidance Guarantees" (slides not available)


November 4, 2021

Bowen Weng, "On guaranteed safety assurance of automated driving systems (ADS): a set invariance perspective" (slides not available)

Max Cohen, "Safe Exploration in Learning-based Control of Autonomous Systems" (slides not available)


December 2, 2021

Mohammad Reza Mousavi, "Trust in Autonomous Systems through Verifiability"

Simos Gerasimou, "Evolutionary-Guided Controller Synthesis for Autonomous Systems" (slides not available)


February 3 2022

Ebru Aydin Gol, "Cause Mining and System Repair with STL"

Technical Committee members and co-chairs: Discussion on educational activities


March 3 2022

Cem Hatipoglu, TBC

Technical Committee members and co-chairs: Discussion on industrial focus working group


May 5 2022 

Gabriele Ferri, "From SAUC-E to the European Robotics League: supporting robotics through competitions"

Andrea Censi, "Designing everything together"  


June 2 2022

Manuela Veloso, " Advancing AI and multi-robot systems through the RoboCup competition"

Liam Paull, "Duckietown and the AI Driving Olympics" 


July 7 2022

Joseph Zeid, "Performance Testing to Support Grasping, Manipulation, and Robotic Assembly"

Craig Schlenoff, "The Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition"


October 6 2022

Kerianne Hobbs, "An Assurance Case argument for Neural Network Control Systems bounded by Run Time Assurance"

Cristian-Ioan Vasile, "Robust and Relaxed Satisfaction of Temporal Logic Specifications"


February 2 2023

Discussion on Industrial Activities for 2023


March 2 2023

Hugo Araujo, "Causality for CPS"

Wendy Otieno, "Stealth Attacks in Deep Learning Systems"


April 6 2023

Matt Windsor, "RobotCert: Property Specification in Robotics"

TC updates


July 6 2023

Alan Winfield, "An Ethical Black Box for Social Robotics: a draft Open Standard"

Dejanira Araiza Illan, "Assessing quality and reliability of robtic software for industrial applications: challenges and solutions" (slides not available)


November 2 2023

Signe Redfield, "IEEE P2817 - "Guide for Verification of Autonomous Systems" Standard Development Working Group"


December 7 2023

Ho Chit Siu, "STL: Surprisingly Tricky Logic (for System Validation)"


March 7 2024 

Ichiro Hasuo, "Proving Safety of Automated Driving Vehicles: Formalization of RSS with Program Logic"

Christof Budnik, "Ensuring Human Safety in Autonomous Manufacturing: A Staged Approach to Risk-Driven Verification"


Technical Committee Annual Members Meetings


December 3, 2020

Annual Technical Committee Members Meeting (2 hours)


September 9, 2021

Annual Technical Committee Members Meeting (2 hours)


September 1, 2022

Annual Technical Committee Members Meeting (2 hours)


September 7, 2023

Annual Technical Committee Members Meeting (2 hours)


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  • Number of members registered by December 2020: 200
  • Number of members registered by September 2021: 450
  • Number of members registered by September 2022: 544


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