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IEEE Women In Engineering at Robotics and Automation Society (WIE-RAS)

The Women in Engineering - RAS (WIE-RAS) group was formed by the Member Activities Board (MAB) to inspire, engage and advance women in Robotics and Automation. The WIE committee organizes a series of periodic events and activities to promote the visibility of women leaders and to inspire young girls who want to get involved in engineering.

The WIE Column in the Robotics and Automation Magazine is a periodic publication that presents women's stories by means of reports and interviews. Articles can be found through IEEE IEEE Xplore®. Proposals for articles, interviews or reports can be submitted at any time by sending an abstract to the WIE committee chair, Karinne Ramirez Amaro at karinne@chalmers.se.

The WIE committee corganizes a WIE Luncheon as well as other workshops and social events. The WIE committee organizes the traditional WIE Luncheon ("Birds of a Feather") during ICRAIROS and CASE.  The event is an important opportunity to foster discussion on the role of women in robotics and automation, inspire girls and promote collaborations and initiatives to advance women leadership. One or more guest speakers share their experiences and histories as women in engineering, and young female researchers have the chance to network and speak with senior faculty members around a free lunch. Guest Speakers at our previous Women Luncheons have included:


Takako Hashimoto

IEEE WIE Past Chair

Jessica Hodgins

Disney Research

Allison Okamura

Stanford University

IEEE Fellow

Robin Murphy

Texas A&M University

IEEE Fellow

Nancy Amato

Texas A&M University

IEEE Fellow

Lynne Parker

University of Tennessee

IEEE Fellow

Melonee Wise

Robot Development at Willow Garage

Leslie Pack Kaelbling

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Maria Pia Fanti 

University Polytechnic of Bari

IEEE Fellow

Barbara Mazzolai

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia 

Sabine Hauert

University of Bristol

Hong Qiao

Chinese Academy of Science

IEEE Fellow

 Manuela M. Veloso

Carnegie Mellon University

Jing Xiao

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

IEEE Fellow

Laura Margheri

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Other workshops and social events are periodically organized at other robotics conferences (i.e. RSS) and at the WIE International Leadership Conference.



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