Recent Activities of the Technical Committee

The TC aims to further promote the application of theoretical and technological automation approaches in healthcare systems through different specials sessions during the following international conferences (IEEE CASE, IEEE SMC, IEEE ETFA).

Furthermore, some workshop events will be organized allowing facilitating discussion about healthcare management between university, industry and government entities. The aim is focused on propositions able to short-term improve the processes of healthcare systems.The TC is organizing special sessions on Automation in Health Care Management for CASE2014. We attracted over 20 submissions, a significant increase compared to past CASE conferences. Organizers: Xiaolan Xie, Walter Ukovich, Houshang Darabi, Gregory Faraut.

Special Issue on "Operations Research in Healthcare" in International Journal of Production Research. The goal of this IJPR special issue is to provide a comprehensive view of health services improvement by systems engineering approaches such as operations research, industrial engineering and control theories. The special issue attracted over 40 submissions that are undergoing peer review process. Guest editors: Xiaolan Xie and Mark A. Lawley.

The TC is a scientific sponsor of the ETFA'2014 Workshop on Models and Methods for hospital management and planning (