Recent Activities of the Technical Committee:

IROS 2014 Workshop: Telerobotics for Real-Life Applications - Opportunitites, Challenges, and New Developments
This full day workshop will be held on September 18, 2014 in conjunction with the IEEE/RSJ IROS 2014 Conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA.  The focus of the workshop will be primarily on new developments and technical challenges concerning real-life applications of telerobotics. Leading experts from the industry and academia will share their perspective and experience in developing telerobotic systems for a wide range of application domains, including space, offshore and nuclear plants operation, robotic surgery, and search rescue. The workshop is organized by the RAS Technical Committee on Telerobotics. The CFP for this workshop can be found here

2013 Telerobotics Summer School
The telerobotics summer school was successfully held on Keio University Hiyoshi Campus, Japan from July 9-12, 2013. Graduate students and researchers from around the globe had an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the field as well as fundamentals of telerobotics through a series of lectures, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations presented by recognized experts in the field. The school was organized by the RAS Technical Committee on Telerobotics.

ICRA 2012 Workshop: Haptic Teleoperation of Mobile Robots: Theory, Applications and Perspective
This full day workshop will focus on the haptic teleoperation of a single or a team of mobile robots. Its main goal is to present recent results in the field and to establish a discussion on the technological, mathematical and psychophysical aspects of this problem. Organizers: Cristian Secchi, Comenico Prattichizzo, Antonio Franchi and Paolo Robuffo Giordano.

IROS 2011 Symposium on Telerobotics
This symposium explored and discussed key achievements in the area of control method as well as application in Telerobotics. The invited speaker is Thomas Ryden, Cofounder & COO of Vgo Communications. Organizers: Angelica Peer, Cristian Secchi, Cenk Cavusoglu and Katsunari Sato.

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World Haptics Conference 2011 Tutorial on Control Issues in Haptic Teleoperation
This is a half-day tutorial for illustrating several successful control strategies for implementing high performance bilateral teleoperation systems. Organizers: Angelica Peer, Cristian Secchi, Cenk Cavusoglu and Katsunari Sato.

Summer School on Telerobotics 2010
The Summer School was addressed to PhD students, post-docs and researchers involved in the area or interested in the new challenges of Telerobotics. The summer school was organized by the Collaborative Research Center "High-fidelity Telepresence and Teleaction" located in Munich and the RAS Technical Committee on Telerobotics.

IROS 2010 Special Organized Session: Advanced teleoperation control architectures

Organizers: Angelica Peer, Manuel Ferre, Cristian Secchi and Nikhil Chopra.
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Special issue Design and Control Methodologies in Telerobotics
Edition of Special Issue on "Design and control methodologies in telerobotics" published in "Mechatronics", Oct 2010. 8 papers were published in this issue. Edited by Cristian Secchi, Nikhil Chopra and Angelika Peer.

Special issue "New Vistas and Challenges in Telerobotics" in the "Robotics Automation Magazine" (published December 2008).

ICRA 2008 Workshop: New Vistas and Challenges in Telerobotics:
The workshop was held along with the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 19-23, 2008, Pasadena, California.