Cyborg and Bionic Systems


Cyborg and Bionic Systems (CBS) is concerned with hybrid fusion of organic and biomechatronic body parts, which integrates some artificial components or technology like bio-hybrid actuators and sensors. It aims to make an organism restored or enhanced beyond its original biological characteristics. The organism is not only thought of human beings, but also animals and any other kinds of living creatures. In a typical example, a human with an artificial cardiac pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator is considered as one of the CBS. Since such device measures voltage potentials in the body, performs signal processing and delivers electrical stimuli by using feedback mechanism to keep the person alive

Cyborgs Bionic System


Topics of Interest

1) Tissue Engineering through tissues structured with carbon nanotubes and/ or fungal cells,

2) Individual rehabilitation treatment like artificial limb and direct brain implants,

3) Neuro-control

4) Larger networks of communication and control. 



With rapid development of bionic technology and nanotechnology, researchers think that the CBS can assist humans conquer limitations such as disease, speed, strength, and intelligence.

Multi-disciplinary theory and technology have been stimulated and integrated like cell biology, recovery and regeneration medicine, bionic mechanics, robotics, nanotechnology, material science, biomechanical interface technology to achieve goals and applications.

To achieve goals and applications, we need a clear understanding of the organism mechanism, biological compatible materials, information perception and fusion, control of the implants. 


Cyborg and Bionic Systems



Recent activities

  1. International Workshop on Cyborg and Bionic Systems

Organizer:Toshio Fukuda and Qiang Huang (BIT, China)

Date: April 25, 2016

Venue: International Education Communication Center, 66 North 3rd Rind Road West, Haidian, Beijing




  1.  2016 ICRA Workshop on “Huamn 2.0”

 Orgnizer: H. Harry Asada and Hugh Herr (MIT, USA)

Date: 8:10 – 17:20, Monday, 16 May, 2016

Venue: Room A3, Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center, Sweden



Future activities

Step 1:

Meet together at the ICRA and/or IROS for the discussion of the new direction of TC CBS.

Step 2:

Workshop on CBS at ICRA/IROS.

Step 3:

Symposium/ conference and Transaction publication with the other societies/councils

Step 4:

Joint collaboration  for the further development  ( funding proposals, Council, etc)