The expected impact is to increase efficiency and competitiveness of industrial processes, through the use of interconnected and collaborative robots. Collaborative robots in the manufacturing industries co-operate/assist the worker in a bioinspired way, promoting safety at work and improving the eco-sustainability of industrial processes.

The adoption of these new technologies will lead to a reallocation of tasks from humans to machines: the first will devote themselves to cognitive tasks and coordination/problem solving activities whereas machine will take care of the routinized ones.

TC on “Digital Manufacturing and Human-Centered Automation” aims at serving as a reference forum to promote research, development and innovation under two constitutive sub-fields:

Digital Manufacturing

  • Embraces and represents the principles of total connection in the factory, integrating automation of production, stock management, product orders and labor force management


  • Sustainable production, co-robotics, circular economy, design for disassembly and waste management, oriented to eco-green social responsibility that can be termed as Bio-Automation. The term Bio-Automation includes human- centered and environmentally  friendly automation



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