This TC focuses on the theory, methods, and application of machine learning for automation. The field of machine learning has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, revolutionizing the decision making and operation in many fields of automation, such as manufacturing, energy systems, transportation, buildings, and data centers. The goal of this TC is to further promote greater interaction between the fields of machine learning and automation. This includes the application of machine learning methods for automation, but also further development of machine learning theories, methods, and algorithms tailored to meet additional demands in automation practice. This TC will provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and collaborate on new developments in the field of machine learning for automation. Through its focus on both the application and development of machine learning for automation, this TC will play a critical role in advancing the field and promoting the integration of machine learning into a wide range of automation applications. By bringing together experts from across the field, the TC will help to drive innovation, encourage collaboration, and support the continued growth and development of machine learning for automation.