Upcoming RoboSoft Workshops

Ocean Soft Robots: Exploration and Data Challenges

Soft Robots for Environmental Intelligence

Additive Manufacturing for Soft Robotics: Challenges and Opportunities

When Soft Robots get Small: Current Trends and New Perspectives in the Fabrication, Design and Application of Small-Scale Soft Robots

Workshop on Functional Adaptiveness in Soft Sensors and Sensing Technology

Towards Sustainable Solutions: The Design, Application, and Future of Soft Robotics in Health Care and Rehabilitation Applications

Soft and Social Robotics for Improved Human Centred Applications

Bi- and Multi-Stability in Soft Robots

Bio-Inspired Soft Aerial Robotics

Mechanical and Fluidic Control of Untethered Soft Robots

Reduced-Order Modelling for Soft Robots

Upcoming ICRA Workshops

Soft Growing Robots: From Search-and-Rescue to Intraluminal Interventions

Origami-based structures for designing soft robots with new capabilities

Soft Robotics: Fusing function with structure

Towards an accessible soft robotics toolbox and validation test rig

Upcoming events

Embodied Intelligence (EI) International Conference

CLAWAR 2023: the 26th issue of the International Conference Series on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines

IDETC-CIE 2023: International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & 

Computers and Information in Engineering Conference

Falling paper: Join the CREATE Lab’s citizen science experiment (teaser)

Mastering Mobile Manipulators: Learn how to create ROS applications for autonomous mobile manipulators

Dutch Soft Robotics Symposium 2023: Workshop on Untethered Soft Robotics

May 15, DesignLab, University of Twente

International Symposium on Smart Materials

Special issues

Soft Actuators and Robotics (MDPI Actuators)

Advances in Soft Aerial Robotics (MDPI Robotics)

Featured Videos

Electrochemical Bubble Actuator

Tentacle robot can gently grasp fragile objects

A butterfly-stroke-like soft robotic swimmer that is fast and efficient

Frictional anisotropic locomotion and adaptive neural control for a soft crawling robot

Hyperbaric Vacuum-based Artificial Muscles for High-performance Actuation

Self-Propelled Soft Everting Toroidal Robot for Navigation and Climbing in Confined Spaces

6N-DoF Pose Tracking for Tensegrity Robots

Featured Reviews and News Articles

Featured News Articles

Robot Aims to Help Children with Cerebral Palsy (ASME, Nov 2022)

If It Only Had a Brain (ASME, Nov 2022)

Featured Review Papers

Wearable Robotics for Impaired Upper-Limb Assistance and Rehabilitation: State of the Art and Future Perspectives (IEEE Access, Oct 2022)

Dielectric elastomer actuators as artificial muscles for wearable robots (Sage, Nov 2022)

Opportunities and challenges in the development of exoskeletons for locomotor assistance (Nature, Dec 2022)