March 2020

Highlighted News 

April issue of Soft Robotics is already online

* The importance of soft robotics is acknowledged in EU publications on industrial human-robot collaboration

* SMART Innovative Training Network is recruiting PhD Students. More information can be found here

* Special issue of the Actuators journal on “Electroactive Polymer Actuators for Soft Robotics II”. Submission deadline: 31 July 2020

* New full podcast episodes are available here

New Videos

Underwater Snail-o-Bot gets kick from light (Feb 2020)

Eversion and retraction of a soft robot towards the exploration of coral reefs (Feb 2020)

Soft machines lab introduces new soft, multifunctional composite (Feb 2020)

Robotic gripping and handling of seafood (March 2020)

The gripper guys explain how soft robotics solves for variability (Mar 2020)

In-hand manipulation with RBO Hands (Apr 2020)

Published Journal

* Related view and review:

* Soft arm, manipulation, grasping:

* Soft locomotion, compliant locomotion:

* Soft sensing, artificial skin, electronic skin:

* Soft actuator, flexible actuator, compliant actuator:

* Soft robot application:

* Soft robot fabrication, embodied intelligence, morphological computation, morphological change:

* Soft matter electronics, stretchable electronics:

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