David Held portrait
David Held
Robot Learning
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh (PA), USA
Carolina  Parada  portrait placeholder
Carolina Parada
Robot Learning
Google AI
Mountain View (CA), USA
Lin Shao portrait
Lin Shao
Robot Learning
National University of Singapore
Singapore, Singapore
Abhinav Valada portrait
Abhinav Valada
Robot Learning
University of Freiburg
Breisgau, Germany

Junior Co-Chairs

Rika Antonova portrait
Rika Antonova
Robot Learning Junior Co-Chairs
Stanford University
Stanford (CA), USA
Rafael Oliveira portrait
Rafael Oliveira
Robot Learning Junior Co-Chairs
University of Sydney

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May 22, 2008

Member Count

The TC has grown from 303 members in 2019 to 347 members in 2022.