IROS 2023 Workshops

  • "It Works Really Well!": Verification in Theory and Practice - Hybrid IROS workshop on the topic of bringing verification techniques from theory to practice in the context of the robot software development process.
  • Maksym Figat represented TC-SOFT during the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society TABxSAC event at IROS 2023. This was a TABxSAC event to make the TC more visible to students.

Recent Activities of the Technical Committee

Software development, as in every engineering endeavor, requires the application of scientific principles to the orderly transformation of a problem into a working solution. Thus, the synergy between Robotics and Software Engineering is strategic. Software Engineering for Robotics represents a confluence between two disciplines, where the speci?c requirements of robot control applications meet the conceptual tools of Software Engineering to analyze, design, and build complex software systems. Over the past several years, TC-SOFT has provided the growing community of robotic software developers a forum for the technical exchange of ideas and for sharing results of their research in robotic software, which included the application of software principles to the robotic domain.  TC-SOFT has done so by organizing several initiatives to promote the synergy between Robotics and Software Engineering, such as workshops, journal special issues, editorial projects, international meetings, and web-forums.

ICRA 2023 Workshops:

ICRA 2023 Competition:

Talk by Davide Brugali as part of the distinguished lecturer program at the 13th Jordanian International Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference (JIEEEC2023) 22-24/5/2023, Amman-Jordan

  • Title of Keynote - "Software Variability in Service Robots Architectures"

Recent TC-endorsed workshops:

Past Activities of the Technical Committee

ICRA 2013 SDIR Workshop
The ICRA workshop on “Software Development and Integration in Robotics” (SDIR-13) featured both plenary talks and parallel interactive sessions. More than 50 people attended the workshop (

IROS 2013 special session.
The special session was a great success because many people turned up and the presentations were interesting and well attended. At the start, for Will Smart's keynote, there were over 125 people in the room. The exceeded the room capacity so much that many people were sitting on the floor (after standing room at the back ran out). There were people stuck outside and could not get in.

RSS 2014 Tutorial on Managing Software Variability in Robot Control Systems.

RSS 2015 Workshop on Formal Methods and Model Driven Software Engineering in Robotics

IROS 2015 DSLRob Workshop
The IROS workshop on Domain-Specific Languages and models for ROBotic systems (DSLRob-15) focused on the challenge of building complex systems that compose several lower-level models or domain-specific languages.

IEEE RAM Tutorial on Model-Driven Software Engineering for Robotics (September 2015).
This tutorial condenses best practice in model-driven software engineering and illustrates how software engineering design principles can and should be applied in robot software development.

JOSER Special issue on Domain Specific Languages in Robotics (Dec. 2015)
The Journal of Software Engineering for Robotics (JOSER) is an online, international, peer-reviewed, Open Access journal, with ISSN registration and lawful free access for any reader without the requirement of a subscription or other fee ( ).