TC-SOFT is a forum for furthering the research in Software Engineering for Robotics and Automation. The forum's interest spans across many areas of computer science, robotics, and automation with the aim of promoting cross-fertilization and synergy.
The synergy between Robotics and Software Engineering is strategic. Their mutual benefit is to make it possible to build and evolve new software systems, to reduce their development cost, and to enhance their quality. The process of bringing intelligence to a robot requires strongly coupled capabilities of sensing, processing, and acting. In this scenario, software plays a key role as it is the medium to embody intelligence in the machine.

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  • IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing (RC-2022):
  • 1st Robotics and Software Engineering Meeting (RSE-2022):
  • 4th International Workshop on Robotics Software Engineering:
  • IROS Workshop on Quality and Reliability Assessment of Robotic Software Architectures and Components:

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