IEEE Robotics and Automation Society IEEE

IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles (IAV)

The symposium's topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Architectures for intelligent autonomous systems;
  • Control, Guidance, and Navigation of autonomous robots (indoors, outdoors, land, space, marine): modeling and control, trajectory tracking and path following, navigation systems, planning, recognition, localization, map building, SLAM;
  • Sensors and sensor integration in autonomous robots;
  • Intelligent transportation systems;
  • Service robotics, domestic robotics, rehabilitation and biomedical robotics, field robotics, entertainment robotics, ocean exploration robots;
  • Redundant robots, flexible robots, modular robots, micro-robots, legged robots, humanoids;
  • Multiple Vehicle Systems and Networks of Autonomous Vehicles: cooperative navigation and control of homogeneous and heterogeneous teams, cooperative control under severe communication bandwidth constraints, cooperative perception, communications, architectures for teams of autonomous vehicles, applications;
  • Human and robot interaction;
  • Applications of Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles: case studies and test evaluations. Land (indoors and outdoors), marine (surface and underwater), aerial and space vehicles;
  • Science driven robotic developments: applications in marine biology and geology, habitat mapping, environmental monitoring, mapping and surveillance, search and rescuing operations, planetary surface exploration, agriculture, manufacturing, service sector.