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The IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS encourages the publication of Special Issues. A proposal for a Special Issue should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, with a well-articulated unifying theme and trying to capture the best work in a particular area of significant importance. Topics can either be areas that are just reaching significant maturity or important emerging areas in which research is likely to be significantly developed by the publication of a collection of excellent papers. The proposals are selected by the EiC, in consultation with T-RO Senior Editors.

The T-RO policy on Special Issues can be downloaded from the link below. Further details can be obtained by contacting the Editor-in-Chief. Review procedures of submitted papers are similar to those for regular issues, except that a Guest Editor plays the role of an Associate Editor. A T-RO Editor will be assigned to the Special Issue to carry out the standard editorial functionalities. A proposal for a Special Issue may end up only with a Special Section if the number of accepted papers is not sufficient to warrant an issue.

Download the T-RO Policy on Special Issues