Robotics & Automation Experts

Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles         
Agricultural Robotics and Automation 
Algorithms for Planning and Control of Robot Motion         
Automation in Health Care Management          
Automation in Logistics   

Autonomous Ground Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems   
Bio Robotics           
Computer & Robot Vision
Cyborgs & Bionic Systems
Energy, Environment, and Safety Issues in Robotics and Automation       

Human Movement Understanding    
Human-Robot Interaction & Coordination       
Humanoid Robotics                      
Marine Robotics                 

Micro/Nano Robotics and Automation  
Mobile Manipulation                     
Model-based Optimization for Robotics        
Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Robotic and Automation Systems
Rehabilitation & Assistive Robotics

Robot Ethics            
Robot Learning        
Robotic Hands, Grasping, and Manipulation   
Robotics and Automation in Nuclear Facilities
Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics                

Semiconductor Manufacturing Automation                 
Smart Buildings     
Soft Robotics           
Software Engineering for Robotics and Automation 
Space Robotics

Surgical Robotics               
Sustainable Production Automation      
Wearable Robotics

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